Get More Comments On Instagram Post
Get More Comments On Instagram Post

Let’s be honest. We all want More Instagram Comments on our Posts. Comments show how engaging our posts are, and it’s always good to know that your content is being appreciated. Comments give you the chance to start a two-way interaction while building a community. It’s great to talk with your audience. Comments also promote your content.

If you’re wondering how to get more comments on Instagram, here’s a guide for you to get more comments. With the Instagram algorithm changing every year, comments have become more and more important to generate a greater reach. Engagement is key to get more comments.

This post is a complete guide that will help you strategize your Instagram planning, and will give you tips on how to get more comments on Instagram.

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Use Niche Hashtags

Using niche Instagram hashtags can help you get Instagram comments faster. It is also easier to rank higher in smaller hashtags and let people find you through the hashtag browser.

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Instagram Hashtags 2020 The Only Guide You Need  - Instagram Hashtags 2020 The Only Guide You Need - GET MORE COMMENTS on Instagram Post – Free & Fast Methods 2021
Instagram Hashtags 2020 The Only Guide You Need

Use Relevant Emojis 

While hashtags work to pull your post into searches, emojis will help bring your audience’s eyes to your captions. More eyes on your captions might mean more engagement, comments, and likes for the overall post.

When using emojis, be sure they make sense for what you are posting and seem appropriate for the caption added to that post. Two to three emojis can be colorful and interesting, but don’t go overboard with too many of them.

Example Post to get more comments –

Emojis  - Emojis - GET MORE COMMENTS on Instagram Post – Free & Fast Methods 2021

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Post When Your Followers Are Looking

The Instagram algorithm favors recency over chronology. So, you want to post your pictures when your followers open their app. It is quite hard to determine, but I have noticed posts peak at around 9 in the night.

One of the reasons for higher engagement during this time could be fewer people posting. Or maybe more people, tired from a long day, log onto Instagram around that time to relax and scroll through social media.

To understand your followers better, for the first few posts, try different timings, and see when your post gets the most attention from your followers. Then, stick to posting around that time.

Reply to Comments

A hack to getting more comments on your post is by replying to the comments you have already received. It will generate more discussion amongst you and your audience, while increasing the number of comments on your post. Once you start a discussion in the comments section, comments will flood in. More comments mean more Instagram engagement and more visibility. When you respond to the comments of your audience, it shows that you are actually interested in what they have to say. When people see you engaging in a conversation with them over the comments, it might intrigue them to comment and join in on the discussion.

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Host Tag-A-Friend Contests

Hosting Tag-A-Friend giveaways are a nice way to create engagement and get more comments. Save these types of contests for when you have a really good post. This will allow your followers to engage with your content while asking their friends/families/followers to comment on your content.

Make them tag 2 or more people to create a higher reach. This spreads the image further, increases the number of people that will see it, and will comment. This can easily help you achieve followers and comments.

Public Holiday Contest  - public holiday contest - GET MORE COMMENTS on Instagram Post – Free & Fast Methods 2021
Tag-A-Friend contest

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Host Instagram TakeOvers

Hosting Instagram takeovers are a great way to get your audience to be engaged with your content. You can work with your friends or influencers, and let them engage with your followers, making it more interesting.

Takeovers usually involve one Instagram user taking over another’s feed, usually for a day, and posting what they want. From their point of view.

These takeovers help generate more Instagram comments whether it takes place on your account or you’re taking over another account.

Post Content That Evokes Response

Creating posts that your audience just has to comment on is a great strategy to get more comments on Instagram. Certain types of content will naturally draw out responses. These can be emotional, or provocative.

  • Posting pictures of animals: Animals on social media can earn as much money as humans. Animal power on Instagram is really strong. Whether it’s your pet, or a friend’s, try posting their picture on Instagram to see if your audience likes commenting on animals.
  • Posting inspirational pictures: These days, mental health is really important. Post motivational and inspirational, and encourage checking on your followers now and then.

Posts that evoke feelings of joy, anticipation, and surprise are among the most common which will most likely receive a comment. So think about the content you could share on Instagram that makes people feel an emotion so strongly that they’re compelled to comment on it. It should be content that’s enjoyable for a broad audience will likely attract more comments.

Post Different Kinds of Content

Other media types are often more engaging than photos when you’re looking at a crowded Instagram feed.

Posting a video featuring you doing showing some dance moves, maybe a recipe of something you made, or some other engaging content idea that can take place on a video will help create diversity in your feed. Try to make sure your video doesn’t rely on audio because many people watch videos on the Explore page, while browsing, and unless they open your post, they won’t hear the audio. Try to make it interesting so people are tempted to open and comment on your post.

Posting a Boomerang (a short video that plays the video back and forth) is another great way to attract comments from your followers. Make sure it’s something exciting – a Boomerang with quick and dramatic movement is the most engaging kind.

Use a carousel to showcase several different moments from an event, to create a story to share with your viewers, or to highlight a few selections from your product line.

“This or That” Styled Questions

You can always use captions to directly ask questions to your audience and ask them to comment on it.

“This or that” styled questions are a great way to generate comments on Instagram without the audience requiring to having to come up with a comment on their own. The less effort to comment can bring more participation.

Provide your audience with two different options (usually through the picture) and ask your audience about their preference between ‘this or that.’ For example:

  • What would you choose? Sky or mountains?
  • What is your favourite amongst these: momos or pizza?
  • Which one you like better? Left or Right?
  • Lavish wedding or small cozy weddings: which will you pick?
  • What’s the better colour for an outfit? Red or Blue?

You can come up with so many questions like that. Interesting choices can make your audience comment on their favorite picks. You can’t go wrong with This or That questions when you want to get more comments on your Instagram account.

Example This or That Post to get more comments on Instagram post –

Brand Factory This Or That  - Brand Factory this or that - GET MORE COMMENTS on Instagram Post – Free & Fast Methods 2021
Brand Factory This Or That

Make Memes

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Memes are known for going viral, and people love to tag their friends on memes if it’s funny. Memes can bring tons of engagement and comments on your posts. But make sure to keep your memes appropriate for your audience. You can use meme making apps from google.

Tag A Friend Memes  - Tag a friend memes - GET MORE COMMENTS on Instagram Post – Free & Fast Methods 2021
Tag A Friend Memes

Post Consistently

As a person trying to get more comments on their posts, and increasing interaction with them, consistency is key. You don’t want to annoy your followers with too many posts, but you also don’t want to make them feel ghosted.

You could create a calendar and mark out dates to post your content. Otherwise, you could use various scheduling software that will help you schedule your post, and post them for you. That way you can save time from having to compile your posts, which might take hours, and just relax and watch as your followers do their work (of commenting on your post).


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