How To Become A Better Girlfriend
How To Become A Better Girlfriend

A relationship works with mutual trust, honesty, and love. And while a relationship is a two-way effort, it is always a good idea to try to do better. So, no matter what stage of your relationship you are in, you can do better in your relationship.

When you ask yourself “How to become a better girlfriend?”, take a minute to think where you think you need to do better. Start there. Being a better girlfriend often comes with having to be compassionate with your partner. You have to communicate your needs to your partner, but more importantly, you need to listen to his needs.

As much as a relationship is about two people, it is also about your presence in a relationship. This means that, while you take care of your partner, you should not forget to take care of yourself.

Too many rules to remember? Do not worry. We have created a list of 17 Do’s & Dont’s of a relationship.

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DO’s Of A Relationship

1. Be your partner’s best friend.

There are some things that people cannot share with their partners. So, to become a better girlfriend for your partner, try to become his best friend first. The chemistry between you two might be undeniable, but the bond should also be strong.

Without the judgment of a girlfriend lens, try to step into your ‘bestfriend shoes’, and listen to your partner. Be someone with who your partner can share everything without any hesitation or fear of being judged. Be there for your partner when he wants to talk about anything and everything.

2. Shower your partner with love.

Boys pretend to have a hard shell, and that emotions are of little importance. They often fail to be vulnerable. But they deserve and crave love just as much as you do.

So, shower your partner with love. Support him with your presence, by being his strength. Try to be there for your partner whenever you can. To shower your partner with love, you can try complimenting him, saying nice things about him, telling him that you are proud of him, and reassuring him that you love him. You should also be validating his feelings and boosting his self-confidence.

Say things other than “I Love Yous”. Be naughty, loving, humorous, playful, sarcastic, kinky, and whatnot.

3. Be straightforward

It is often assumed by girls that their partner should do everything for them without having been told to. But, girl, your partner is not a mind reader. Remember that your boyfriend cannot read your mind before complaining in your relationship. Don’t make your partner guess what you want.

Some women seem to think it’s the man’s responsibility to develop all the plans for dates and activities. Come up with ideas and strategies for activities the two of you would enjoy.

Communication is key. So, learn together. Tell your boyfriend about your tastes, likes, favorite colors, flowers, and what food you like. To become a better girlfriend, don’t keep him waiting and guessing. Nail the communication skills!

4. Indulge in his hobbies.

Does your boyfriend love to do something in his free time? Take interest in what his interests are. Accompany him and support him when he is spending time indulging in his hobbies.

So whether it is football or video games, show eagerness to support and spend time with him. Maybe you can also learn to like his hobbies and both of you can spend time doing them. Never shame him for any of his hobbies. As his girlfriend, he will appreciate full support and a judgment-free environment.

5. Get along with his family and friends.

A person’s social circle is really important to them. So, to become a better girlfriend, you must try to get along with your partner’s family and friends. To encourage a better personal relationship between his family and you, try visiting them often. You can also arrange parties and get-togethers for family and friends to get to know them better. It is also important for you to understand his relationship with his family and friends to truly understand your partner.

6. It’s okay to put yourself first

With your partner, you might often forget that you are your own person. So while you support your partner, also take care of yourself. You will always be the love of his life, and yours. Be a big part of his life, but maintain your own and your separate interests as well.

To have healtier relationships, you must mentally be happy. So, do not force your partner to make you happy. He is not always responsible for your happiness, and that is absolutely okay.

7. Appreciate what he does for you

Sometimes all people want is to be validated and reassured. So, when your partner puts an effort into your relationship, appreciate it. Show him that his efforts are recognized and loved. This will make your relationship stronger.

8. Encourage his success

It often becomes difficult to navigate through life when you fail. So, when your partner faces any difficulty in life, be his strength. Encourage him, and motivate him to put more effort and try to help him succeed. And when success does come, do not forget to celebrate it with him

9. Encourage vulnerability

Boys pretend to be tough on the outside, but they are often very sensitive on the inside. So, do not shy away from asking your partner to express his vulnerabilities in front of you. Create a safe space where he can share and talk to you about his feelings without having to wonder if he will be judged. This is a step that will bring you and your partner closer to each other.

10. Communication is key

Relations often break because of misunderstandings and miscommunications. As a couple, you and your partner should be able to communicate well. So, to become a better girlfriend, you should try to create a space where your partner can speak, and you listen, and vice versa. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Resolve your issues before it is too late to save your relationship.

11. Allow change and growth

There’s a very popular saying “Change is the only constant”. And in a relationship, couples are always changing. You change because of your daily experiences, your partner changes because of his daily experiences, and together, as a couple, you change because you bring your experiences together to learn and grow. Allow space for growth like this. Allow yourself to learn. If you make mistakes, change and learn and grow.

12. Love him the way he is.

Most importantly, love your partner for the way he is. You have to accept his flaws. Not much here to say.

DONT’s Of A Relationship

13. Do not restrict him.

As his girlfriend, you might think all his time is yours. But, you are wrong. You can lead two separate lives. So, let your partner spend time with his friends, and do whatever he wants to do without you. Let him have interests outside of your relationship. Give each other some space to breathe and live in the relationship. Don’t try to cage him. Or he will feel trapped, and would want to escape.

14. Do not try to instigate jealousy.

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Nothing good has ever come out of making others jealous. So, in your relationship, do not try to make your partner jealous to see his reaction to certain circumstances. That is a toxic mentality and you have to let it go.

15. Do not dig up the past.

Let bygones be bygones. If you have heard this phrase, start believing and acting on it. There is no need to dig up what happened in the past. Let it go, and move forward. Work and fix your future.

16. Keep your relationship private.

What goes on between you and your partner is between you and him. There is no need to advertise your relationship issues to other people. You can confide in a few close friends, but do not turn it into a gossip topic. Your relationship includes a part of your partner, and it is insensitive to express your biased feelings to everybody.

17. Do not cheat on your partner.

Finally, loyalty is the most important in every relationship. Discuss boundaries with your partner and adhere to them. Do not break your partner’s trust. It is the worst thing one can do.


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