How To Write Posts For Instagram Tips And Tricks
How To Write Posts For Instagram Tips And Tricks

Instagram is a social media platform that people use to exchange pictures and video recordings. This has spread wide such that it is no longer family and friends exchanging pics and videos but also brands, celebs, influential people are using Instagram to run their campaigns.  

With its many features such as short videos, live-streaming, reels, captioning, Instagram has attracted companies who wish to advertise and also use well-known people to help in their marketing campaign reaching their target groups. The use of images together with words helps in showcasing the brand’s personality. 

With many viewers across the globe, writing posts for Instagram is a big deal. You have a possibility of appealing to a huge audience and that means there is a considerable amount of it why you need a lot of postings that are competing for the same space day after day.  

The three important questions that you should ask yourself are:

  1. What should you caption?
  2. How do you promote viewer’s engagement?
  3. How long or short should your descriptions be?

The answers to these questions will be discussed further in this article. Let us first look at the characteristics of a well written Instagram post. 

7 Tips of Writing Instagram Posts that Build Your Brand

  1. Since your mind has a lot of ideas, write the first draft of everything that comes to mind. Narrow them down to a few points and think through. Take your time and even involve someone else in looking at your rough draft and giving you feedback. With the future change of the Instagram feed system, participation in your posts will be ranked chronologically and will be very significant. 

Instagram will be able to show our feeds when it thinks it is most appropriate. Depending on how many likes and comments a post receives, your post will appear on your fan’s feeds. This is why you should take your time when creating an Instagram post so that it attracts your followers, and they will be more than happy to share it with people they know and also comment or like your posts.

  1. Put the important stuff first. There is a maximum number of characters that Instagram allows (2,200 letters). The reason why you should put the important things first is that when the post reaches the users’ feeds, it is usually cut off after 3 or 4 lines. Do not shorten your words so they fit the 3 or 4 lines because you think your followers will not click on the “more” button. Simply write the important things first plus your CTA (call-to-action). 
  2. Put in a CTA. The text that appears on your pictures should always include a CTA. This will help you to grow your share percentage on your Instagram posting. You do this by use of action verbs to urge visitors on your post to react rather than just reflexively scroll past your posts. 

We did a comparison on Twitter and found out that verbs produce more interest than nouns and adjectives. This could also be true for Instagram. You can simply ask a question and followers will give their understanding. You will get to know your followers more and come up with a strategy from that or create new content concerning that. 

Don’t stop there, be active and reply to comments thus making it a discussion. You can lead people to your bio where you have posted a link. This link could be a YouTube link, blog post, merchandise, or offer.  

  1. A hashtag connects the discussion of diverse users into one flow. Use 4 hashtags. If you use too many hashtags, people might think that is boring. If your profile is set in public, a person searching through hashtags might come across your post on Instagram. 

This is a great strategy for your audience growth as different people may connect because they have the same taste in music, use the same brands, are interested in the same events, etc. This also allows you to include something humorous in your posting. The hashtag should come at the end of your caption. And remember, a hashtag is not mandatory. You can leave it out altogether. 

  1. Different social media platforms appeal to different types of people. LinkedIn is more serious with complex terminology. If you bring this to Instagram, it might not work. Instagram is for the carefree, entertainment, exhibitionism, social and likable features of a brand. Because of this, adjust your tone when on Instagram to a more happy-go-lucky tone. 

Make use of emojis. If you use a smartphone, you have come across these emoticons on your phone. When you use emojis on your posts, they add character. You will find almost all brands using emojis when they write posts. They attract the eye if they are used at the beginning of the caption. Or you can include them mid-sentence in place of words, or at the very end of the caption as the climactic sentence.  

  1. Try and keep your posts short. Unless you are posting things like for instance recipes which tend to be very long, put the important information first so that the viewers can see at a glance what the post is about. When you are unsure what the voice of your product is, just keep it short. Get to the point and allow the images and videos to talk on your behalf. 

You might have read through articles about writing Instagram captions, looked at other posts, so you can know what to do, but you still feel stuck. Do not despair, let the professionals step in and guide you into how to write for Instagram. 

You can seek a professional writer service similar to AdvancedWriters whose experts will write your posts that will build your brand and get you more followers. They will show you how to use hashtags and emojis effectively to catch the eye of more followers. 


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