Choosing The Right Social Media Platform Instagram Vs Facebook Vs Snapchat Vs Twitter
Choosing The Right Social Media Platform Instagram Vs Facebook Vs Snapchat Vs Twitter

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are the four most renowned social media platforms. The world is interconnected through these apps. You can build connections, and establish a market for yourself on these apps. More and more businesses are expected to use social media platforms to market their products/services. This will also help them be discovered by a larger audience, and for them to engage with the content.

But, one might wonder: Which of one of these four social media platforms is the most beneficial for their business? In this post, we will talk and compare the different social media platforms to give you an idea as to what your business might prefer and prosper in.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an instant photo-sharing app that is mainly viewed from mobile. Users share their pictures and videos. Business accounts create their profile for widening their market and enhancing growth.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. Facebook is used to connect and share thoughts, ideas, images, videos, etc., with your family and friends online. Facebook helps share all current and potential followers.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is more popularly known as a micro-blogging platform, where a user can share short posts called tweets. Tweets have a 280 characters’ limit which ideally includes both hyperlinks and hashtags. A hashtag acts as a meta tag, which can be written as #keyword. Twitter helps market your products and services to a larger audience.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is basically a fun messaging app that allows sending videos and pictures to your friends. Its unique feature of ‘self-destruct’ of shared elements has enhanced its popularity and craze among the youngsters.

Unique Features That Will Benefit Your Business


Instagram is constantly updating its app for new and latest features. Here’s a list of features that can be used for the growth of a business.

  • Instagram Bio Link: Instagram offers its users the opportunity to add a URL of their website on the user’s bio. Nowhere else can you add a clickable link.
  • Instagram Ads: These can be used to increase views and engagement by promoting paid Ads.
  • Instagram Analytics: If you switch to a public account, you can access the demographics of the people who interact with your post, you can also learn what works for your followers and what doesn’t.
  • Instagram Shopping: Instagram has added a new shopping feature, where you can tag and share products, which will direct people to the website/ give them information about the product. It also has direct checkout from Instagram for some.

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Facebook has many unique features that are rarely available in other social media platforms. Some of them are:

  • Facebook Cards: It is a unique marketing tool designed by Facebook in partnership with, a printing service. In this, you can order to print a Facebook card with gift coupons or other promotional offers on 16 pt stock paper. It looks similar to your business profile and includes your cover photos, profile pictures, and contact details.
  • Pages to Watch: This feature is basically to watch and keep track of the competitors’ pages. Currently, it lets you monitor five competitor pages and view the number of new likes on a weekly basis.
  • Invite Email Contacts: In the ‘Admin’ panel under the ‘Build Audience’ tab, Facebook has the option to invite email contacts to like the business page. The limit count set for inviting contacts is 5,000.
  • Liberal ad Exchange: It helps Facebook and app developers earn profit by displaying ads on mobile phone screens.
  • Facebook Messenger for Business: This new feature has been added on messenger. Consumers can ask questions about anything while shopping, or send notifications to the seller in case the product is defective.
  • Detailed Analytics: Similar to Instagram Analytics, Facebook gives the option to get a detailed analytics report of the audience, posts, engagement, etc. This helps a brand evaluate its success rate and bring the necessary changes to the posts.

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Twitter has unique features to help a business in the long run.

  • Go Live’ Button for Periscope: Twitter allows seeing a “go live” button while composing tweets and broadcast them directly. Users can use live streaming to compile and publish long-form thoughts and responses.
  • Native GIF Search: You can even share your thoughts with the help of GIFs.
  • Uncropped Image: Twitter has come up with an uncropped photo update and a new view for multi-photo displays. This makes the platform more engaging and visually appealing.


The most appealing feature of Snapchat is ‘Self-destruct’ – where shared elements disappear within a few seconds after viewing them. There are many more features that are exclusively available in Snapchat:

  • Scores: A score will be rewarded under Snapcode after equating all the number of snaps sent and received, stories posted and other activities. People use Snapchat just to get their scores up. You can use this to your advantage while promoting your business.
  • Snapcode: Snapcodes are scannable codes. Once you click on the ghost icon on the top of the camera screen, you will find Snapcode on your profile screen.
  • Snapstreak: It is another unique feature of Snapchat that denotes you have snapped with your friend within 24 hours for more than one consecutive day.
  • Lenses: It helps add real-time special effects and sounds to snaps.
  • Filters: Snapchat is known for its fun elements. It allows jazzing up the snaps by adding a filter to them.

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Top Strategies To Be Followed

Business marketing on social media is dependent on three foundation elements: valuable content, a solid and analyzed strategy, and the know-how. All the platforms have their unique and distinctive features to be able to provide a reason for people to use their platform. Each and every platform is trying to keep up with the competition by adding their version of relevant popular features.

Let’s check out how you can develop a social media business marketing strategy using the above elements and turn your business into a known brand.


For effectively marketing your business on Instagram,

  • focus on the unique qualities of your brand’s audience,
  • tell a story with your caption and photograph,
  • run some interesting and engaging contests,
  • collaborate with popular influencers or micro-influencers of your niche, and
  • use Instagram ads to target ads to your target audience.
  • use relevant hashtags on your posts


An ideal Facebook marketing strategy should include:

  • A recognizable profile pic
  • A regular and consistent company account
  • An explanatory “About Us” section on the company’s page
  • Consistency among cover photos, posts, and profile.
  • Original posts
  • Set timings of posting, without posting too often and too much
  • Proper usage of multimedia posts
  • Instant responses to messages and queries
  • Usage of insights to analyze page performance


Here’s what you can do to market your business on Twitter.

  • Search for influencers and micro-influencers, and interact with them on a regular basis to carry out micro-influencer marketing
  • Optimize your Twitter bio
  • Track mentions and likes using Hootsuite – a popular social media tracking tool
  • Provide special offers to followers
  • Use images, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Integrate Twitter with other marketing efforts
  • Tweet regularly, retweet, and like tweets
  • Follow popular and relevant trends/hashtags
  • Use promoted tweets
  • Use Twitter analytics to track your success rate


Here’s what you should do on Snapchat:

  • Provide access to live events
  • Deliver personalized content
  • Take people behind the curtain
  • Conduct contests
  • Interact with influencers

Challenges in Social Media Platforms


Some of the greatest challenges are:

  • The building or retaining the position on Instagram as the most reliable brand.
  • Starting from scratch. Having to dedicate a lot of time and hard work to build a decent following.
  • Interacting with your brand and create a stronger community
  • Convincing users to use your services.


The greatest challenge you may face is mapping the topics of the post. Choosing some boring facts or posting too many posts can bring an adverse effect on the image of your brand.

Another challenge is to meet the expectation of the consumers in terms of response time. Consumers expect their queries to be responded to within 60 minutes of the complaint.


Despite adopting a proper marketing strategy, businesses may still face various challenges, such as:

  • Twitter has limited operating experience. It also involves certain complexities of laws and regulations regarding privacy and security.
  • Twitter often becomes the subject of bad press, so it may affect the reputation of your brand.
  • It is a race to stay ahead of user growth and meet their expectations.
  • It involves a slow growth path.


It is tricky to cope with this fun messaging app, which is why brands face various challenges while conducting business marketing on Snapchat.

  • It is difficult for users to know whether a snap has sound or not.
  • It is hard to identify what and when to share.
  • The platform may not be apt for your followers.

Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Snapchat: Cost of Ads


With Instagram’s latest features, you can use Instagram adverts on images, videos, carousal, and stories.

The cost of ads on Instagram is a little higher than that of Twitter and Facebook advertising. The estimated CPM of Instagram is $13 (approx 960Rs). But, it is expected to reduce, as more and more companies are using the platform.


The advertisement cost of Facebook ranges from $0.16 (approx 12Rs) to $1.00(approx 73Rs)+ on every click. It varies from one industry to the other, based on the size of the audience and ad quality.


Twitter has three types of advertising options

  • Promoted tweets,
  • Promoted accounts, and
  • Promoted trends.

The cost of promoted tweets and promoted accounts ranges between $.50 (approx 37Rs) – $4.00 (approx 295Rs) per engagement, and promoted trends cost around $200,000 (approx 1.4 crores) per day.

Clicking, replying, retweeting, or favoriting paid tweets and ads cost between $.50 (approx 37Rs) – $2.00 (approx 147Rs), depending on your targeting. For local campaigns, this figure is $1.35 (approx 100Rs) per engagement.


Snapchat advertising is costlier as compared to other social media platforms. The cost for Snap ad campaigns starts from $10,000/month (approx 7.3 lakhs/month).

Snapchat sponsored lenses cost $450,000 (approx 3.3 crores) per day from Sunday to Thursday, $500,000 (approx 3.6 crores) for Fridays and Saturdays, and $700,000+ (approx 5 crores)for holidays or special events.

Remember: You must compare all the features and see where your business would work the best.


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