Instagram Post Ideas For Girls, Boys & Unlimited Likes + Followers
Instagram Post Ideas For Girls, Boys & Unlimited Likes + Followers

On Instagram, you speak with pictures. You can use Instagram to make connections, to share your content with a larger audience, to launch your products to a wider market and receive their feedback, promote your business, and establish a community.

You have to ace your colors to have an aesthetic Instagram feed. But more than colors, your content also matters. To make your Instagram content worth viewing and following, you need interesting posts. In this article, you will find a bunch of (specifically 30) inspiring and creative post ideas. Create that feed and make your profile stand out with this list of 30 Instagram post ideas.

First Post Ideas

1. A photo of you to let everyone know you

The first post that you post can be a picture of you. This way, people will get to know how you look. Make sure to show your face clearly. This can be a great way of leaving the first impression on your potential followers.

2. A picture with important people

Besides that, you can also post a picture with important people (celebs) as your first Instagram post. This will give people the idea that you are worth following. Also, the people who follow and admire the important person in your picture would want to know you. Alternatively, your first Instagram post will be meaningful and memorable.

3. A picture that is relevant to your theme

Before starting your account, decide on what the theme for your account would be. Do you want your account to be about travel? food? photography? memes? Your first Instagram post is supposed to introduce your theme to your potential followers. They will follow you if they want to associate with your theme.

4. A picture presenting your colorful life: books, movies, music, traveling, etc.

Similar to posting a picture relevant to your theme, you can post about different colorful aspects of your life. This will be attention-grabbing and interesting for people and they might want to follow you to see more of you. You can choose to share a great book? movie? music? You can also express your feelings and opinions about the book, the movie, or the music you share.

Personal Post Ideas

1. About you

For a post, you can also introduce yourself. We always choose cool and different usernames, and while people will have to visit your profile to check your name, you can use it as a start for your introduction. You can talk about what you do and where you are from.

To generate engagement on your post, you can ask others to introduce themselves. Get to know your followers.

2. Fun/Random Facts about you

You can talk about fun or random facts about yourself. People don’t know who you are, so why would they want to follow you? Talk to your followers like you want to build a personal relationship with them. Sharing facts about yourself will help you connect with them on a different level. You can share weird and fun memories or just facts about you.

3. Unpopular opinion

Unpopular opinions are what makes you popular. There might be people out there who feel the same way as you, but are afraid to say it out loud. It’s okay to be different and like what the majority doesn’t. This is what makes you stand out. You could talk about something you love but other people think it’s weird. Maybe you are somebody who loves pineapples on pizza. It’s alright.

4. About your day

You can always take to Instagram to share about your day. You can take pictures of things you do during the day and tell your followers where you were, what you did, a picture of your outfit, or what food you ate. You can share some of these details on Instagram. Did you have a bad day? Did you have a good day?

5. Your hobby

Hobbies are something you do for fun. You can share your hobbies on Instagram. This will give you a chance to meet and connect with people who have the same hobbies as you.

Post Ideas for Likes

1. Share A Useful Tip

If there is something your interest lies in, and you are good at it, and depending on your experience, you can share tips about what you do and how you do it on Instagram. You can inform people what you think, what you do, and why you do it, so they can trust your expertise. People love consuming tips and expert advice.

2. Behind The Scenes

Share a behind the scene image of your new project. Or, share a picture of yourself working on a product or idea.

3. Post User-Generated Content

The best hack to escape from wracking your brain to come up with a post is by posting user-generated content. Share posts/repost posts that are posted by your followers or shared by the people who work with your theme. THis way, the people who follow the person whose post you share might become interested in you, and follow you.

4. Share A Positive Message

You can share positive thoughts and messages as well.

5. Share A Throwback

Share a picture from a time you enjoyed a lot. It is like digging up your bag of memories and sharing them with your followers. This is a way for them to get an insight into your life.

Post Ideas for Followers

This list would be very creative to increase your followers. It involves creative question ideas, etc. You can follow these ideas to increase your Instagram followers.

1. Ask A Question

Asking questions is a great way to increase engagement on your posts. So think about questions you want to ask your followers! Ask an interesting question so that people will like to answer.

2. Create A Video

Instagram has a lot of features you can use to your benefit. One of them is posting videos. Videos are simple. Create a video about anything and share it.

3. Add The Story Behind The Image

Spill out the details about the picture you posted. Where did you click this picture? Why did you click this specific picture? Why are you posting it on Instagram? Is there a message you want your followers to take from it?

4. Make Your Audience Laugh

You can share your funny side with your followers. Entertain them a little. For having followed you. You can add, but not limited to, memes, blooper videos, or share a funny experience from your life.

5. Mention Someone Else On Your Feed

Social media all about making connections. Tag a friend/follower on your post. You can share their content on your feed.

6. Post ‘How-To’ Videos

If you are experienced in something, share it with your followers on Instagram. In a ‘How-To’ video, you can explain steps on how to do something. It can be anything that you use/do in your daily life and have probably found a shortcut. Let others know.

Post Ideas for Boys

Boys often struggle while getting likes on their Instagram posts. So we struggled to find some crazy ideas for Instagram posts for boys. You can use these ideas to get more likes and followers on your instagram.

1. Share Holiday Pictures

If you are one of the people who believe in ‘6 months holiday, 2 times a year’ person, you must enjoy traveling and vacations. They’re wonderful. Post your favorite holiday pictures on Instagram.

2. Share Your Morning Routine

Waking up on Monday mornings can be a task. But moreover, getting up every single day can be a task. Let your followers know how you wake your body up by sharing your morning routine with your followers. Does your alarm wake you up? Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you read the newspaper in the morning? What do you do about your skin?

3. Cute Pet Posts

If you have a pet or a friend has a pet, get them dressed for your Instagram posts. People dig pets!

4. Workstation Pictures

Give your audience a glimpse into your workspace! Show them the workspace where you created your work. Give them an inside look into your physical space.

5. Your Favorites

Share your favorites with your followers. It can be your go-to destination, such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, a public space, a quiet space. It can be your everyday food, such as noodles, momos, chicken. It can be your favorite books, music, movies. Anything that makes you who you are.

Post Ideas for Girls

When it comes to girls, any post goes hit but here we present some crazy ideas for Instagram posts specifically for girls. Interesting post ideas for girls are on the house, do check them out

1. Host A Challenge

You might wonder why to host challenges on Instagram while there’s TikTok? Well, you can host challenges on Instagram and they can be fun. It can be a hook step trend, or a face challenge, or a drawing challenge. Challenges can be a one-time thing or a continuous thing, up to you. But make it interesting.

2. Share Quotes

You can also share your favorite quotes. You can use different images and graphic art to create a creative visual for your quote, add the quote to the image, and post it for the world to see. People love to share relatable, poetic, interesting, and fun quotes.

3. Recommend A Book

You need to find a friend in your audience. Share your book recommendations with your followers. You can tell them about the book you are currently reading, why you like the book, or why you don’t like the book. You can talk about books from your genre you like, or you can talk about books that inspired you to become who you are today.

4. Share Your Accomplishments

This one is more about sharing your joy with your followers. If you have recently achieved something, talk about it on Instagram. It’s always a good feeling to include people.

5. General Instagram favs

Again, Instagram is all about aesthetics. Post pictures of sunsets travel pictures, natural landscapes. Good quality photographs with the good composition are all you need.


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