22 Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business
22 Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business

To reach a large audience and to generate engagement on your posts, great content is the key. Even though Instagram is all about pretty pictures and aesthetic feed, what really stands out to potential customers is your content.

Instagram can be used for so much more than just photo sharing. You can promote and advertise your products on Instagram, you can offer advice and the services you provide, you can continuously keep your followers engaged with your content by posting and interacting with them.

It can often be a big task to keep up with posting regularly on Instagram. So, we’ve curated you a list of 22 ideas for your business feed on Instagram. These posts will help you and gain followers, get potential customers to check your account out, and make sure people notice you.

1. Share Quotes

You can post something as simple as a quote. Quotes can be used as an inspiration, to cheer somebody up, or just as simple as a good morning wish. Impart your wisdom on your followers. Use nice visuals and a caption along with your quote to catch the attention of your audience. People will share your quotes, so don’t forget to add the name of your business at the end.

2. Share Your Features

Features are when your business is talked about in a prominent space. So, if you were featured in a magazine, blog, a podcast episode, a youtube video, or a clip on the news, share it on Instagram. This will increase trust in your followers that you are serious with your business, and you are an expert. This will also help you gain engagement with your content, and more and more people viewing your content.

3. How-to Tips

These are small and easy hacks or tricks on how to use your products, or how your service can be used. This will allow you to give your audience a chance to see the benefits that your products or services will provide. These are also a way to make it easier for people to understand the steps to your products and make the process easier.

4. Past Projects

You can share some interesting highlights of your past projects with your audience. It will inform your audience what you have done in the past, improving your credibility. You can do this like a throwback.

5. Recent Projects

More than past projects, you can share with your audience what you have been up to. This will make your audience feel included, a part of your journey. Share bits and pieces of your work and catch your audience up in your business life. You can also use this to direct them to your business and ask them to check out your products.

6. Sneak Peeks

Similar to sharing your recent projects, you can share what you have planned for the future. This is a way to create hype and anticipation for your upcoming project. This will help you generate engagement and people will be waiting for the big reveal. Your sneak peeks can be anything, from a small video to just a sketch of something associated with your business.

7. “Caption this”

“Caption this” posts generate a lot of engagement. This will allow your audience to participate. Pair it up with some exciting rewards to generate greater engagement. Let your audience humor you up.

8. Share Your Routine

Share your routine with your followers. It can be anything, starting from how you start your day, how your normal weekday is like, or maybe how you spend your evenings after work. People will love to see these glimpses and feel connected with you.

9. Showcase Your Products

Share photos of your products. You can also demonstrate how they can be used. Pair your product with nice visuals to make it aesthetic and appealing to your customers.

10. Who Inspires You?

What is your starting point? Share your inspiration on Instagram. This will help your followers know your brand a little better.

11. Ask For Opinions

People love telling others what to do, don’t they? So, if you are indecisive, and need help, reach out. If you are having a difficult time making a decision, you can ask for it from your followers. Ask them for their opinions, ask them for their ideas. If you do end up using their choice, don’t forget to post about it too. Because you never know, maybe they have better ideas than you do.

12. FAQ

Are people asking you questions? Are those questions usually questions other people also ask? Create a Frequently Asked Questions list and answer them on your posts. You can also make reels about them and post it on your feed.

13. Countdown

Another interesting series of posts you can create are countdowns. If you have a big launch or an event coming up, you can start a countdown for it. It creates excitement and anticipation of what’s coming. Your followers will be intrigued. But secretly, this a hack to keep reminding your audience that there is something big in store, which is about to come.

14. Behind-the-scenes

One thing your potential customers (and your already present customers) will love to see is what goes behind the scenes to bring them the final product/service. They don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a peek

15. Workspace

Give your audience a glimpse into your workspace! Show them the workspace where you created your work. Give them an inside look into your physical business space.

16. Host Events

You can host events online and offline. This is a way to build a relationship with your followers. Share about your events through posts on Instagram. Make creative invite posters if you want. After it’s over, you can share highlights of the events on another post.

17. Share Your To-do List

What are your plans for the week? Are there some times you’ve got to do? Give your followers an inside look at your work week by sharing a post with your plans or to-do list.

18. Challenge

Challenges are a great way to come up with Instagram post ideas. There are many challenges out there that you can take part in or you can go the extra mile and start a challenge yourself!

19. Introduce The Team

Another great series of posts to post is by introducing the team behind the screen. Give a face to your brand by introducing the team that works to bring your audience their desired products. Through this, your audience gets to know your brand a little better.

20. Announcement

This is similar to sneak peeks but wayyyy better. If you have a big project to launch or a milestone that you reached, share this joy with your followers on Instagram and make them a part of the party.

21. Before and after

Share a picture of where your project started and where it ended. This is highly engaging and your followers will appreciate it.

22. Share Relatable Memes

Who doesn’t love some good humor? Memes are a great way to lighten up your feed and make your followers laugh as they’re scrolling through Instagram.


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