17 Instagram Post Ideas For Writers To Start
17 Instagram Post Ideas For Writers To Start

If you’re a writer and you are wanting to prosper, Instagram is a great place to start. It can be a little tough to figure out the visual aesthetic on Instagram for your writings but don’t worry. You can work on your vibe, or you can take suggestions from this article for your Instagram posts.

The first step towards getting better on Instagram is to get inspired. Take out time and see what other writers are doing with their posts. See how they are working their prompts with their images. You can find writers from a certain genre by searching with relevant hashtags. Usually, writers use the hashtag #amwriting___. So, if you are interested in working with the romance genre, you can simply look up #amwritingromance on Instagram search. You will be shown the top and recent posts. You can check those posts out. Follow the accounts that inspire you the most, and the ones that will match the genre you can work with.

Some common and famous images you can work with are: cute mugs of different colors with coffee/tea in it, candles, lights, flowers, jewelry, leaves, some art, fabrics, etc.

Here’s a list of Instagram post ideas for writers you can start with.

1. Write Quotes

One thing you can begin with is quotes. You can use different images and graphic art to create a creative visual for your quote, add the quote to the image, and post it for the world to see. People love to share relatable, poetic, interesting, and fun quotes.

2. Share Your Life

Share a version of your writing life. Where do you write? What do you write on? Take a picture of your desk, your workspace, your notebook, etc. You can also share pictures of the locations you visit.

3. Ask Questions

When you ask questions. you ask your audience to interact with you and your content. This increases the engagement of your posts. You can ask for book recommendations, potential character names, plot twists, and any number of other things.

4. Share Actual Writing

Take to Instagram to share your writings. It is a great platform for your writings to engage with a large audience. You can post poems and flash fiction if that’s what you are into. You can also share scenes or short dialogues. You’re the writer; decide what you want to share.

5. Writer’s notebooks.

Honestly, there’s an intimate connection between writers and their notebooks. Writers are fascinated with great and fancy covers. Writers love to explore with their notebooks.

So, if you have a collection of notebooks to flaunt, flaunt it. Try changing the background for your notebook pictures.

6. Your work in progress

Another thing you can do is share your work in progress. Mayb you have pages of it written in a diary, or your laptop. You can show pieces of your random scribbling to the main text, or you can share glimses of your main text. You can also create videos of you going through your content, while blurring the content out.

7. Books you are reading

You need to find a friend in your audience. Share your book recommendations with your followers. You can tell them about the book you are currently reading, why you like the book, or why you don’t like the book. You can talk about books from your genre you like, or you can talk about books that inspired you to become who you are today. There’s a hashtag dedicated to this aswell. It is #bookstagram.

8. Events

As a writer, one of your favourite pass times can be attending writing workshops. You might also be attending a conference for writers, maybe even speaking at the conference. Post about that. Create awareness. You can talk about writing contests that you are interested in, or are taking part in. You can talk about classes in writing if you are taking any. Or writing retreats. Promote these events on your Instagram account.

9. Promote your writer friends

Instagram is a community. One of the best and most important things is to stay connected with others. You can share about your friends’ books, blogs, webinars, websites, and anything else they are working on. Help them out and they will do the same for you.

10. Movies and t.v. shows in your genre

Use your hashtags and talk about movies and t.v shows in that genre. Your audience would be interested in wanting to explore your genre more, give them the opportunity. If there’s a movie/t.v show you like, you could talk about that too. You could talk about how the movie/t.v show has made an impact on you, and why you would recmmond others to watch it.

11. Fan art – Cosplays and Illustrations

If you a writer as well as an illustrator, share your art with the world. You could also do fan art for some of your favourite characters.

12. Architecture/settings related to your genre

Instagram screams aesthetics. If you see any beautiful aesthetic buildings or settings, take a picture and post it. If you are into romance, you could post pictures of a sunset, beautiful clouds, and cozy spots in your city.

13. Selfies

What even is Instagram without selfies? While it is important that you share the world around you, do not forget to share pictures of you. This makes your connection with your followers more genuine.

14. General Instagram favs

Again, Instagram is all about aesthetics. Post pictures of sunsets travel pictures, natural landscapes. Good quality photographs with good composition are all you need.

15. Your blog posts, stories, books, newsletter info.

You can use Instagram to promote your books/blogs. Reach out to your followers on Instagram by sharing the details of your books. While not many people do that, it is not a bad idea to share about your work and promote your books. After all, it is your account.

16. Give Things Away

This one is my favourite. One of the best ways to create engagement and a wider reach for your content is by hosting give aways. You can give away signed copies, post cards, notebooks, bookmarks and all stuff stationery. People dig that!

17. Experiment

Last but not the least, experiment with your material. Try out different things and see what is working in favour of your followers, and what is not. You can try using the analytics feature that Instagram offers with a professional account. Do not give up hope.


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