Instagram Reels For Business & Marketi
Instagram Reels For Business & Marketi

Instagram is encouraging businesses and content creators with more and more features with every update. From being able to share ‘memories’ to templates on stories, to boomerangs, and hands-free videos, there are plenty of new tools that you can use on Instagram to create content.

And Instagram has done it again. By introducing Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is a direct challenger to TikTok. Additional features such as short videos, access to use music, and effects are what make Reels different from an IGTV or Instagram story.

Are you wondering how you can use it for your business? Let me show you how you can use Instagram Reels to the max benefit. Get the attention of users on the platform and have your content grow.

Since the feature was only very recently launched, there’s a chance that your content will reach many of your potential customers. A lot of people (and businesses) are trying it out. You should too.

Instagram Reels The Attention You Didn't Know Your Business Needed  - Instagram Reels  The Attention You Didnt Know Your Business Needed - Instagram Reels For BUSINESS & MARKETING
Instagram Reels The Attention You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is the latest feature on Instagram. It’s a 15-second video clip maker, for your followers, or for everyone in the Explore tab. Instagram lets you edit the video with music, AR effects, drawings, texts, and stickers, and are weaved in together to tell a story.

Here is a summary about reels:

  • They’re short-form video content in full 9:16 portrait mode.
  • They can be from 3–15 seconds in length.
  • They can be filmed directly within the Reels camera and/or uploaded from your camera roll on your mobile device.
  • They can be filmed as one full take or a series of takes stitched together.
  • They’re mobile-only. They can only be uploaded on mobile devices.

Using Instagram Reels for Business

Since Instagram Reels is a feature that was only every recently launched, it doesn’t have advertising options available. Nor can you pay to boost your Reels to reach a higher audience, neither can you buy a featured spot on Instagram feed. Instagram does plan on getting these options, but they haven’t provided a timeline just yet.

But even without those, businesses can definitely make use of the Reels feature, introduced by Instagram, into their marketing strategy.

Whether you are creating your own content, or are working with influencers, Reels are designed to be fast, fun, easy to create, and super engaging for your audience. You can use them to grow and connect with your potential customers.

Now that you know what Instagram Reels is, you may be wondering how to use this feature for your brand or business. Here’s how you can use Instagram Reels for marketing your products.

1. Showcase your products

With the 15-second time limit that Reels have, it gives you the opportunity to do a little show for your products.

Within these 15 seconds, you can highlight the best features of your product and share the benefits of using it.

And if you don’t have a business that is based on products, you can use Reels to highlight what your service provides. You can make videos on reviews and testimonials.

You can use Reels to create “How To” videos that give customers a step-by-step on how to do something awesome with your product or share your expertise.

Sharing services on Reels gives you the chance to show off your brand’s style and the way you do things differently. They’re also a great way to tell a story. Through Reels, you can also give them a count-down to a product/service launch that’s coming up.

2. Give Followers A Peek Behind The Scenes

One thing your potential customers (and your already present customers) will love to see is what goes behind the scenes to bring them the final product/service.

Try using Reels to show your product being made or your service being delivered. Capture your “cant-miss this” moments. You can also try filming a “typical day” video, where you showcase how your product/service can be used in someone’s day-to-day routine. This is a great way to highlight the useful benefits of your products, and why your product/service is worth investing in. These work well when your products/services carry a personal touch to the story behind it. Show your customers how much attention is paid to the product/service to be able to match their satisfaction.

Sharing intimate details about your products/services with your customers makes them feel like they’re welcome in the inner circle. You can show backstage prepping, influencers showcasing the use of your products/services, or you can use Reels to introduce the members of the team who play a key role in making the product/service what it is.

3. Make Educational Content

You can also use Reels to share information about your products/services that will help your customers make the choice between buying or not buying your products. This is crucial content, and you want to make sure you make it capturing and engaging.

You can share unique ways to use your product or new ways to get results from the service you offer.

To help your customers connect with your products, and give them an insight into how to use your product/service to derive maximum benefits from it, you can create reels showcasing the same. You can show how purchasing from you will change their lives, and why it is essential for them to have your products/services to make their lives easier.

You can also create FAQ Reels that will answer questions that are commonly asked regarding your products/services. You can always use Instagram Stories and Highlights to do this, but since Reels is a new feature, the chances of people coming across your products on Reels is more likely.

You can also share user-generated content. If your customers make content featuring your product, reshare it on your Reels.

4. Product Reviews

While educational reels show your customers how to use your products or services, product reviews are more user-generated. These show reviews from your happy customers.

Instagram Reels gives you the opportunity to get really creative around how you show your reviews. You can use the effects, music, and countdown timer features to create reviews that will entertain and inform your followers.

5. Make It Fun and Personal

It is important that you build a personal connection with your (potential) customers. The relationship between you and customers doesn’t always have to be serious and professional. You are allowed to have fun and interact with your customers in a friendly way to establish that connection.

A way to make your content funny and engaging is to share memes that work with your brand. You can also share bloopers if you want.

You can consider sharing your favorite morning rituals, or the daily “oops” moments that you know your audience can relate to.

Create challenges that ask for your audience to share their videos with you or tag you so you can see them!

If you want to make real connections with your audience, you will have to be honest and vulnerable in front of them. They should realize that you understand them and that they are very much a part of your journey.

6. Your Company Story

Instagram Reels have the potential to make the story behind your company very interesting. You can present a dynamic story behind your company through Reels. You can also include music and old photos, case studies, and where you are today because of everything you experienced while getting here.

7. Stay Up-To-Date With Trends

With new-age social media trends, your brand needs to stay up-to-date with the trends. It can either be memes, a dance routine or a challenge, make use of Reels to participate in these trends. It will make your brand more appealing to your customers. And will make your audience engage with your fun content.


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