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102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022

Karma is a very big thing and there are many people all around the globe that believe in Karma. If you are also a Karma Believer and are on the lookout for Karma caption then you are in the perfect place as we’ve collected various Karma Captions. This article has Karma captions like Short Karma Captions, Hindi Karma Instagram Captions and Amazing Karma Bio for Instagram.

We’ve gathered more Karma captions like Karma Believer Quotes, Relationship Karma Quotes and lastly Karma Smile Quotes. We sincerely hope that you find the caption you’re looking for, either for a picture that you want to post or for a Instagram status. 

Short Karma Captions

Different perspectives and different people on this planet as some might want short caption for their picture while some will prefer big captions over short. If you’re looking for the karma captions then you are at the perfect place and if you want a short karma caption then you’ll be very happy as down below there are many. You can use whichever the caption you like the most.

Instagram Captions Karma  - Instagram Captions Karma - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Instagram Captions Karma
  • Don’t fear God. Fear Karma. God forgives, Karma doesn’t!
  • What goes around comes back around.
  • When you do something bad: it comes back to you later.
  • Revenge will never solve anything, karma will.
  • Create good karma.
  • Not even death can wipe out our good deeds.
  • Who hurt others will end up being hurt also. That is called bad karma.
  • Do good and good will follow you.
  • Trust me, you get what you give.
  • Karma is a Bitch.
  • One thing about them tables. They always turn.
  • Karma is a cruel mistress.
  • Your lies are going to catch up to you.
  • Worthless people blame their karma.
  • Life is a boomerang. What you give you get.
  • Karma is a universal law; it cannot be broken.
  • Do good others. It will come back to you in expected ways.”
  • Loyalty is royalty, karma is best policy.
  • Keep calm and let karma finish it.
  • Karma will take care of you and I will take care of me.
  • Be kind to others, for everyone is fighting a battle.
  • I’ve got a big heart and I believe in good karma.
  • Be honest, like karma, it will eventually come back to you.

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Short Karma Captions  - Short Karma Captions  - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Short Karma Captions

Hindi Karma Instagram Captions

It is very simple: what you’ll receive depends on what you give. And if you’re believe in karma and want a Karma caption then you’re in the perfect place as down below we’ve collected various Karma Instagram Captions and that too in Hindi language and you can use whichever one you like the most.

  • जीवन में हमेशा ईमानदार रहो। कर्म की तरह, वह ईमानदारी आपके पास वापस आ जाएगी।
  • “खिलाड़ियों को खेलने दो, नफरत करने वालों को नफरत करने दो और कर्म को अपने भाग्य को संभालने दो।
  • जब क्रिया शून्य से निकलती है तो वह कोई कर्म नहीं बनाती है।
  • जो लोग अपना नाटक खुद बनाते हैं वे अपने कर्म के पात्र होते हैं।
  • कर्म प्यार से कहीं बेहतर है, कम से कम हम जो देते हैं, वह हमारे पास वापस आता है।
  • मुझे अपना रवैया मत दिखाओ क्योंकि” कर्म “मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त है।
  • हम जो कुछ भी करते हैं वह हमारे गहरे अवचेतन में एक बीज बोता है। किसी दिन, वह बीज उगेगा।
  • बदला लेने की यात्रा शुरू करने से पहले, दो कब्र खोदें।
  • बदला लेने की यात्रा शुरू करने से पहले, दो कब्र खोदें।
  • जो तुम बोते हो, वही काटते हो; कर्म के क्षेत्र ऐसे हैं।
  • जिस तरह से लोग आपके साथ व्यवहार करते हैं वह उनका कर्म है। जिस तरह से लोग आपके साथ व्यवहार करते हैं, उस पर आप कैसे प्रतिक्रिया करते हैं, यह आपका कर्म है।

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Hindi Karma Instagram Captions  - Hindi Karma Instagram Captions  - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Hindi Karma Instagram Captions

Amazing Karma Bio for Instagram

Let us tell you one secret- Because the Universe strives to make sure everyone gets what they deserve – no matter what – karma never forgives and never forgets. This said are you looking for Amazing Karma Bio for your Instagram then this is the perfect place for you. Down below there are varieties of Karma Bio to choose from and make sure that you choose wisely as Instagram bio is a huge deal.

  • What you sow, you shall reap.
  • The wind and the waves are unseen and seen forces in nature. We have the same elements in our own lives. These unseen and seen forces are karma and free will.
  • Before you set off on your journey for revenge, remember to dig two graves.
  • Someday, karma will find you and punch you in the face. I hope that I’m there – just in case it needs some help.
  • Karma is a really simple concept: an action for an action – be it good or bad.
  • People pay a price for the things they do, and the things they allow themselves to become.
  • The great thing about free will is that even if you have a gigantic bag of karma, there’s still plenty of free will for all of the new souls coming into this world.
  • Every action that we take in our lives touches a chord somewhere that will vibrate into eternity.
  • Do something kind and good today. In the future, you will get repaid with kindness and goodness.
  • Nothing in life ever happens by chance. You carry your own destiny through the actions you take. That’s how karma works.
  • Karma is like gravity – it’s so basic, we don’t even notice it.
  • Men are never punished for their sins, but by their sins.
  • Goodness creates its own heaven. Sin creates its own hell.
  • When you meet a good person, think of how you can become like him or her. When you meet someone who is not-so-good, take the time to reflect on your own weaknesses.

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Amazing Karma Bio For Instagram  - Amazing Karma Bio for Instagram - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Amazing Karma Bio For Instagram

Karma Believer Quotes

After reading these thought-provoking karma quotes, even a nonbeliever might reconsider their stance on karma. We’re not forcing you to believe in something you don’t but it won’t hurt you to keep an open mind and gain knowledge. You can get a lot of information from the following Karma Believer Quotes. Try these quotes at least once.

  • Think abundance. Intention attracts energy, which transforms intentions into reality.
  • Harming someone because they harmed you will not work in your favor. You always pay for your actions in the end.”
  • Go out and be a nice human being.
  • You can’t control the results, but you can control your actions.
  • You create your own thoughts, and your thoughts are what create your intentions. Those intentions are what create your own reality.
  • I hope one day, you choke on all of the trash you talk.
  • People always ask for the secret to success. Well, I’ve found it: good karma.
  • Treat other people as you wish to be treated. What goes around, comes back around.
  • If you do good, then good will follow you throughout life.
  • Don’t worry: Karma will fix it!
  • There are no “reset” buttons in life. You can’t take things back, and you can’t undo your actions. Everything that you do has a consequence. The things you say and do today will have a long-term impact on your life. Keep this in mind each time you make a decision.
  • The way you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you as a person.
  • Karma can be unforgiving, and it bides its time. You always have to look over your shoulder, because karma always gets payback.
  • Hi Karma, I have a long list of people you missed.
  • Before you say anything to anyone, consider how you would feel if that person said the same thing to you.
  • Just keep calm and let karma finish the job.

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Karma Believer Quotes  - Karma Believer Quotes  - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Karma Believer Quotes

Relationship Karma Quotes

Break up is hard and not getting a closure is much harder and if you can get the revenge by showing that your life is happier and better after they’ve gone. Or you can express your pain on social media and tell them that karma will get your revenge and you can do that by using one of the following Relationship Karma Quotes.

  • Hey!! Had a breakup?? Then get up!! Wipe your tears!! Move on with your life!! Achieve your goal and make your parents feel proud!! Karma will take care of him!!
  • If another girl steals your boyfriend, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men can’t be stolen.
  • Even though my first marriage broke up, I’d say that I’ve had two good marriages and two good men. I’ve been very lucky. I like to think it’s karma because, in a relationship, I give 300 per cent. I’m straight with my men, and I like to think it comes back.
  • Fake friends: Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.”
  • Often when someone hurts you, they aren’t hurting you because you are you. They hurting you because they are them.
  • Everyone gets dumped and everyone gets hurt and there’s karma to love in regards to what you’ve done to other people.
  • I do believe in karma and one day, it will get to you. You will someday feel what I felt. You will one day experience what you did to me.”
  • I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.
  • The same one who mistreated you will end up needing you.
  • And karma said, you will love someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did.
  • Karma said, if you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect, believe me, they really love you.
  • Dear ex-boyfriend, I don’t hate you at all for cheating me. Actually, I think I should thank you after all. By the way, a friend of mine whose name is Karma told me she will take care of everything. I hope you enjoy every surprises she prepares for you.
  • You can’t do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life.
  • No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.
  • Everyone talk about karma after their respective heartbreak, may be your heartbreak was planned after all, “karma doesn’t spare anyone.
  • I definitely consider myself a Christian. There’s things that I believe in, there’s things I have a self-belief on. I know I got a great relationship with God and the universe. I just believe in being a righteous person and karma. Doing unto others as you would have done unto you. I really want to help teach that.
  • Karma is nothing more than a reminder that we are one. Harming others we ultimately end up harming ourselves.
  • The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. It comes from friends and loved ones.
  • When the karma of a relationship is done, only love remains. It’s safe. Let go.
  • When someone betrays you, it is a reflection of their Character.

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Relationship Karma Quotes  - Relationship Karma Quotes  - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Relationship Karma Quotes

Karma Smile Quotes

If you’re looking for some Karma captions for your pictures then you’re at the perfect place as we’ve collected various Karma Smile Quotes. Believe us when we say that these captions will look amazing on your Instagram and just go with the caption you like the most.

  •  The truest test of character is how you choose to treat people you aren’t forced to be nice to.
  • Happiness is not pre-made. You can’t buy it, and you can’t find it. It comes from your own actions.”
  • Never let other people’s actions disturb your inner peace.
  • Find and create what sets your heart on fire, and that passion will illuminate the path in front of you.
  • There comes a point when you just have to walk away and let karma take care of the rest.
  • Life isn’t complicated. We get what we give. Every single though we have shapes our future.
  • Give out to the world what you most want to come back to you.
  • An eye for an eye mentality will only make the whole world blind.
  • Always be good to people – no matter what happens in life. Being good is a beautiful legacy to leave behind.
  • All suffering in life is caused by ignorance. People have a bad habit of inflicting pain on others in pursuit of their own satisfaction or happiness.
  • You are free to make any decision you wish. But you are not free from the consequences of that decision.
  • Revenge never solves anything. But karma will.
  • Live your life with the thought that something wonderful is going to happen. Those thoughts will bring those wonderful things to life.
  • Never let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet.
  • Karma: if you do good things, then good things will come to you.
  • The only control you have is your reaction to the things that are out of your control.

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Karma Smile Quotes  - Karma Smile Quotes - 102 KARMA Instagram Captions Quotes Hashtags in 2022
Karma Smile Quotes


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