Earn Money On Whatsa
Earn Money On Whatsa

Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become an important aspect of our lives. One can’t imagine a day without social media. The first thing that people do right after waking up is to check their phones for notifications. Maybe even laze around the bed for longer, scrolling through these apps.

With so much engagement on these platforms, one might wonder if these apps can be monetized and how one can earn money using these apps?

The answer to that question is yes. You can earn money on these apps. Today we’ll tell you some ways you can take advantage of Whatsapp and earn money using Whatsapp.

Earning money from WhatsApp can be a little tricky. Whatsapp doesn’t allow advertisements or commercial transactions. But there are various other ways to earn money on WhatsApp.

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1. Viral Content

One way to earn money on WhatsApp is by sharing content with your contacts on WhatsApp.

There are a million websites with articles, ads, and contents. All you have to do is convert all of this content into URLs and send it across to your contacts. People love exploring exciting materials such as articles, news and viral videos. They are most likely to click on the links.

You can use paid URL shortening services such as Shorte.st. And for each click the shortened link gets, you will be paid a certain amount of money.
The main aim should be to increase the ‘views’ and the ‘exposure’ of the shortened link!

To do this, Visit URL-shortening websites. Register using your email or log in with Facebook. Get the URL of any article/ web page you want to share with your WhatsApp friends. Paste on the site and click on ‘SHORTEN URL’. Now copy the shortened URL. Send this URL to as many WhatsApp contacts.

The more people click on the link to read the content, the more money you earn.

Here’s a list of URL Shortening services:

  • shrinkme.io: Easy to shorten links using API and bring out creative and advanced ideas. High payout of $220 for 10000 views from Greenland traffic and $1 paid as a signup bonus.
  • Afly is a free tool where you can create short links which is free to signup and you get paid when you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. In India, you get paid 6-7 $/1000Visits.
  • CLK.SH is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid daily & monthly!
  • GPLINKS.IN is a New Paying URL Shortener which is free to start and you get paid at the month-end.They are India’s one of the Top Url Shortener with registered users of 257,000 and more.
  • Zagl is a Trusted Paying URL Shortener which is free to start and you get paid as soon as you reach their withdrawal limit.
Viral Content (method 1)  - Viral Content Method 1 - EARN MONEY ON WHATSAPP – 7 Tricks to Make Money
Viral Content (method 1)

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing’s concept is pretty simple and WhatsApp is a pretty powerful platform to make use of this method to make some money.

In Affiliate Marketing, individuals partner up with different businesses in order to promote the products or services of that business, while earning a commission for the same. A majority of businesses offer affiliate programs. Choose affiliate programs that sell products your audience can relate to and that will add value to their lives. There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs that you can sign up with.

Some of the top affiliate marketing programs:

  • Flipkart Affiliate: You can join the Flipkart affiliate program for free. And make money. All you have to do is make your followers make purchases from Flipkart through you, and you will earn a commission.
  • Amazon Associates: Joining Amazon Associates is free. You can also earn advertising fees from all Qualifying Purchases, not just the products advertised.
  • Optimise: It is a leading affiliate network with partners from +30 countries. It gives a lot of Affiliates, Mobile, and Reward Solutions to brands all across the globe, and affiliates get lots of CPA, CPS, and mobile offers to promote.

To earn money, you have to choose the product you want to promote. After settling for one, get your affiliate URL and start promoting it on WhatsApp by sharing the link with your contacts and connected groups. For each sale that is made via your unique URL, you will get a commission.

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Affiliate Marketing (method 2)  - Affiliate Marketing Method 2 - EARN MONEY ON WHATSAPP – 7 Tricks to Make Money
Affiliate Marketing (method 2)

3. Using PPD Networks

PPD stands for Pay Per Download. Basically, PPD sites (such as CleanFiles, FileIce etc) allows users to host files on servers. The files get converted into links. Share these custom links that’ll be generated on Whatsapp.

To do so, first, find a good PPD network (FileIce, CleanFiles etc). Register and upload a good file, a file that people are willing to download at any cost. Get the link for the files and start promoting it on WhatsApp. Share it directly with your contacts, on relevant WhatsApp groups etc.

When someone clicks on that link to get the file, they will be asked to go through a survey/task before they may download the file! For each survey completed and a successful download, you will be paid money!

Here’s a list of the best PPD Networks:

  • up-load.io: It allows you to receive payment depending on the downloaded files you have on this site. This is a safe way to not only to store your information, but it also allows you to earn a little extra just for doing it! 
  • AdscendMedia is a CPA marketing solution dedicated to providing high quality leads to advertisers and great payouts and services to affiliates.
  • ShareCash:You can upload your contents on it, your visitors have to unlock the link to download their desired content. And you will be paid for every successful download.
Using Ppd Networks (method 3)  - Using PPD Networks Method 3 - EARN MONEY ON WHATSAPP – 7 Tricks to Make Money
Using Ppd Networks (method 3)

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4. Promoting Applications

Well, for this, you don’t earn money directly. But if you promote applications, you can end up getting some free stuff. How does this work? All you have to do is send a referral link to your contacts on WhatsApp. And if they make a purchase, or sign up with your referral code, you will be eligible for some incentives.

For example, for every user that signs up on Swiggy through your referral code, and makes their first few orders, you get a discount on your next order.

Promoting Applications (method 4)  - Promoting Applications Method 4 - EARN MONEY ON WHATSAPP – 7 Tricks to Make Money
Promoting Applications (method 4)

5. Promoting/ Selling Your Own Products

Other than the already mentioned ways to earn money on Whatsapp, you can use WhatsApp to promote, market your products, and services that help to increase your income.

You can offer services directly using the app’s file sharing features to send out pictures, videos, and media of your products. For example, if you have a saree shop, you can send pictures/videos of your saree designs to your contacts on WhatsApp and ask them to forward it to their contacts.

6. Hosting Seminars/ Private Groups

You can also host a seminar on WhatsApp. You can use the group conference video call option to host it. And you can ask your participants to pay a registration fee to attend the seminar.

Alternatively, you can create an exclusive WhatsApp group, where you offer incentives and provide services, and ask people to pay a registration fee to join this group. Make sure to make the most use of the registration fee. Make the money spent worthwhile.

7. An Indirect Method (Customer Support)

What do customers love the most? A really good customer support system. You can use WhatsApp to provide customer support. It will make it easier for your customers to reach you. To maintain efficiency, make sure to reply immediately, or within a few hours.


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