Navratri Instagram Captions
Navratri Instagram Captions

Navratri is one of the most prominent festivals in India. It is a festival that is celebrated all around the country in different ways with different traditions. Navrati is celebrated for nine days which are solely dedicated to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga called Nav Durga(namely, Shailaputri,
Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Skandamata, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, Sidhidatri.) So, you might have celebrated Navratri and are here looking for a cool caption for your Navratri post. Scroll down, and get your caption.

So, this Navratri greet you loved ones with the beautiful collection of Navratri wishes, we have for you. Also, Find here, The most elegant captions to accompany your majestic ethnic Navratri Look picture on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy uploading!!!

120+ Navratri Quotes, Wishes and Instagram Captions  - PicsArt 07 03 08 - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022

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Navratri Outfit Post Instagram Captions

This Navratri, you definitely would have worn one of your favorite outfits. So we have curated a list of cool captions for your Navratri Instagram Post.

  • No more wait. Let’s rock this night.
  • There are days when you feel excited and then there are the Navratri days.
  • I wish this night never gets over.
  • Can’t stay calm, it’s Dandiya night!
  • Seeking blessings from Maa Durga.
  • Goodness of Garba and love of dear ones are what we wish for all.
  • When you want to taste non-veg but get reminded of Navratri.
  • May Maa shower us with her love.
  • Feast and have fun— the dandiya raas has begun!
  • Garba to express, not to impress.
  • Garba first, think later.
  • May this Navratri be full of Garba and celebrations.
  • To be good means to be a strict follower of the Navratri fast.

Short Navratri Wishes 2021

For the beautiful occasion of Navratri, here are some beautiful Navratri Wishes you could send to your Family and Friends.

  • Wishing you fantastic nine nights of devotion, spirituality, and happiness. May Maa shower her choicest blessings over you. Happy Navratri.
  • May this Navratri you are blessed with pocket full of blessings, perfection and fun. Best wishes of Navratri to you and your family!
  • Wishing all the good food after your fasting, and lot of fun while praying. May this Navratri brings all the happiness for you and your family, loads of blessings!
  • This Navratri you witness the real blessings from goddess maa and wishing all the success and achievements to you. Happy Navratri!
  • May these nine days be as vibrant as you and illuminate the positive light and energy. Celebrate it with your family and loved ones. Happy Navratri from mine to yours!
  • Navratri is the story about nine wonders, wonders of powerful wonder women and may this story showers the blessing in all nine forms. Wishing you happy Navratri.
  • Garba night is a good- good night! Navratri is festival of dance, lights and blessings. Wishing you Happy Navratri!
  • May the generous goddess Maa Durga brighten your life with countless blessings. I hope your prayers bring happiness and prosperity. Happy Navratri to you!
  • May you have a very Happy Navratri. I hope you have the best pooja and celebrations in life this year.
  • May the blessings of Goddess Durga always be upon you and may she guide you in whatever you do in life. Happy Navratri

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Short Navratri Wishes  - Short Navratri Wishes - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Short Navratri Wishes

Garba and Dandiya Captions

Navratri is Gujarat‘s most awaited festival. To Gujju people, Navartri means Happiness, Food, chaniya choli, Dandiya and nine Full Power Garba nights. This Navratri upload the Garba Night pictures with the Best Garba captions we have for you. Happy Garba Dancing!!

  • Dance like noone is watching.
  • We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.
  • Garba first, think later.
  • Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.
  • Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”
  • Garba is a conversation between body and soul.
  • Those move easiest who have learned to dance.
  • Garba. Love. Celebrate. Live.
  • Garba. Shower. Repeat.
  • Why walk when you can dance
  • Caution not spirit, let it roam wild; for in that natural state dance embraces divine frequency.
  • Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only the dialogue of dance seems to make sense.
  • Chandni raat ho aur tujhe gul-e-bahar me dekhna, Tujhe garba pasand hai aur mujhe tujhko shringar mei dekhna
  • Dance is a timeless interpretation of life.
  • When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.

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Garba And Dandiya Captions  - Garba and Dandiya Captions - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Garba And Dandiya Captions

Inspiring Navratri Captions

The festival of navratri is not only meant for celebration but also to give us some lessons like victory of Good over Evil, respect Women and that A Lady is the ultimate embodiment of power. This navrati let’s not only celebrate but also resolve to reflect the lessons of navratri in our character. Here are some powerful inspiring navratri Quotes that will help you do the same.

  • Be a wonderful person and a personality. This Navratri, take the pledge you will never hurt anyone and never break trust. Happy Navmi celebration.
  • Don’t just celebrate Navratri, understand its importance and respect women. Happy Navratri.
  • Begin your new journey of life, Ma Durga is there to shower her blessings on you this Navratri. Happy Navratri.
  • You move forward to achieve your goal with the blessings of Ma Durga and no hurdle would stop your way. Happy Navratri.
  • I wish this Navratri removes all darkness in your life and show you a new path that leads to success.
  • I wish Ma Durga shower blessings on you and take you to new heights of success. Happy Navratri.

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Inspiring Navratri Captions  - Inspiring Navratri Captions - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Inspiring Navratri Captions

Navratri Captions

The Festivals are the best time to get dressed, Click pictures and upload them on Social Media. Talking of Navratri, it is associated with authentic ethnic dressing. Navratri is a very fine opportuntiy to get a entirely different look photograph to post on instagram. Here are some wonderful Navratri captions you could couple your photographs with.

Hindi Navratri Captions

Got a picture in ethnics, Couple them with some amazing Hindi Navratri captions that match the feel of your photograph.

  • माँ अम्बे का ये पर्व हैं, माँ के नौ रूपों की भक्ति का पर्व हैं, भक्ति का दिया दिल में जलाने का पर्व हैं तन, मन और जीवन हो जायेगा पावन,माँ के आने से, गूँज उठेगा आँगन।।
  • माँ का पर्व आता है; हज़ारों खुशियां लाता है; इस बार माँ आपको वो सब दे;जो आपका दिल चाहता है। शुभ नवरात्रि!।।
  • माँ भर्ती झोली खाली, माँ अम्बे वैष्णो वाली, माँ संकट हरने वाली, माँ विपदा मिटाने वाली, मईया ज्योतोवाली तेरी ऊँची है शान, हम तो चाकर मैया तेरे दरबार के, भूखे हैं हम तो मैया बस तेरे प्यार ।।
  • मुबारक हो आपको नवरात्री का त्यौहार, सदा खुश रहे आप और आपका परिवार ।।
  • नमो नमो दुर्गे सुख करनी. नमो नमो अम्बे दुःख हरनी.! ।।
  • Navratri ke absar par hardik subhkamnayen.. May Maa Durga illuminate your lifewith countless blessings of happiness and good fortune.. Shubh Navratri.
  • माँ की आराधना का ये पर्व हैं, माँ के नौ रूपों की भक्ति का पर्व हैं, बिगड़े काम बनाने का पर्व हैं,भक्ति का दिया दिल में जलाने का पर्व हैं।।
  • इस नवरात्री पूजा पर खुशियों से भरी हो आपकी ज़िन्दगी उजालो से रोशन हो आपकी दुनिया घर पर माँ दुर्गा का आगमन हो ।।
  • देवी माँ के कदम आपके घर में आयें, आप ख़ुशी से नहायें, परेशानियाँ आपसे आँखें चुरायें, नवरात्रि की आपको ढेरों शुभ कामनाएं। शुभ नवरात्रि।।
  • शेरों वाली मैया तेरे दरबार में खुशी मिलती है॥ दुःख दर्द मिटाये जाते हैं, जो भी दर पर आते हैं, हाथों में ले के फूलों के हार,तूने दिया प्यार बेशुमार, पूजा करो स्वीकार, खूब सजाया मईया तेरा दरबार.. नवरात्रि की आपको ढेरों शुभ कामनाएं।।

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Hindi Navratri Captions  - Hindi Navratri Captions - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Hindi Navratri Captions

Navratri Captions in English

Grab a perfect Navratri Selfie and we have a classy Navratri captions for you to post it that will definitely match the Navratri vibe.

  • May you get the lights of hope, aspiration, happiness and divinity this Navratri. May you have wonderful, fun filled Navratri.
  • On the arrival of Navratri, I am wishing you and your family the best celebration ever.
  • Navratri is the nine days of celebrating the divine power of Ma Durga. Happy Navratri.
  • Temples has been decorated, homes has been cleaned, it is the time to welcome Ma Durga on our mobile screen. Happy Navratri.
  • Navratri is not just a festival for many, it is the time of beginning, time of rethinking. May God bless you everything. Happy Navratri.
  • Navratriis to celebrate nine avtaars of Ma Durga. To see her strength, worship her by heart.
  • The universe, the air, water, sun everything is ready to Navratri a grand welcome. Happy Navratri and a prosperous New Year.
  • Navratri is the festival to celebrate the power of women. Every woman has Ma Durga inside her. Happy Navratri.
  • Navratri has nine shades, garbha, pooja,ramleela, dushera and fair are few to name. Get soaked in all nine shades and enjoy Navratri.
  • Happy, happy and happy Navratri to all devotees of Ma Durga.Bent in-front of Ma Durga to receive her blessings.

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Navratri Captions In English  - Navratri Captions in English - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Navratri Captions In English

Gujarati Navratri Captions

Navratri is a festival of great importance for the Gujarati people. Want to write something in your own language Gujju’s. You are at the right place then. Here are some Navrati Captions in Gujarati that won’t let the Navratri vibes fade.

  • જગત પાલન હાર હૈ મા, મુક્તિ કા ધામ હૈ મા. હમારી બક્તિ કે અધર હૈ મા, હમસબ કી રક્ષા કી અવતાર હૈ મા. શુભ નવરાત્રી
  • મા દુર્ગા કે આશીર્વાદ સે અપકા જીવન સુખમય હો, ઇસ નવરાત્રી પે હમારી શુભકામનાઅપકે સાથ હૈ
  • ઉત્સાહ અને ઉમંગ સાથે નવરાત્રી પર્વની ઉજવણી કરો. મા દુર્ગા તેને સ્નાન કરશેતમારા પર choicest આશીર્વાદ.
  • હિન્દુ વર્ષના સૌથી મોટા ઉજવણીનો ભાગ બનો. આ તહેવાર છેઆનંદ, ઉત્તેજના, આધ્યાત્મિકતા અને તાકાતનું જોડાણ. શુભ નવરાત્રી.
  • તમને નવરાત્રી શુભેચ્છાઓ, પ્રિય મિત્રોનો સમય સારો છે. હું તમારા લોકોની રાહ જોઉં છુંગર્ભ પ્રસંગ, મને નિરાશ ન કરો.
  • હું ઈચ્છું છું કે આ નવરાત્રી તમારા જીવનમાં ઉજવણીનો પ્રારંભ કરે. હેપી નવરાત્રી અનેસમૃધ્ધ નવું વર્ષ.
  • નવરાત્રીના શુભ પ્રસંગે, હું તમને સારા સ્વાસ્થ્ય, ખુશીઓ અનેસમૃદ્ધિ. શુભ નવરાત્રી.
  • પવન, નદી, મહાસાગર દરેક નવરાત્રીનું સ્વાગત કરી રહ્યા છે. ચાલો આ ખુશામતથી જોડાઓ અનેઉજવણી ભાગ બની. શુભ નવરાત્રી.
  • સારા નસીબ, સારા સ્વાસ્થ્ય અને સુમેળભર્યા સંબંધ, આ જ હું તમારા માટે ઇચ્છું છુંઆ નવરાત્રી ઉજવણી દરમિયાન. શુભ નવરાત્રી.
  • ભગવાન દુર્ગા તમને આ સુખ, સમૃદ્ધિ અને સારા સ્વાસ્થ્ય માટે આશીર્વાદ આપેનવરાત્રી.હપ્પી નવરાત્રી અને દશેરા.

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Gujarati Navratri Captions  - Gujarati Navratri Captions - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Gujarati Navratri Captions

Navratri Captions for Girls

Navratri is a festival that everyone enjoys, but girls, their excitement for Navrati is beyond clouds. Also Navratri is a festival that symbolises Woman Empowerment. So here are some awesome Navratri captions for Girls.

  • नवरात्रि मनाते समय, इसका सही अर्थ मत भूलो कि नौ पूजा हैमा दुर्गा के अवतार।
  • मैं मा दुर्गा से आप पर आशीर्वाद बरसाता हूं और आपको सफलता की नई ऊंचाइयों पर ले जाता हूं।हैप्पी नवरात्रि
  • अपने जीवन की नई यात्रा की शुरुआत करें, माँ दुर्गा आप पर अपना आशीर्वाद बरसाने के लिए हैंयह नवरात्रि। हैप्पी नवरात्रि
  • खुश होने के लिए सबसे पहले चारों ओर खुशियां बिखेरना शुरू करें। यही सबक हैनवरात्रि हम सभी को सिखाते हैं।
  • आध्यात्मिकता जब उत्सव में विलीन हो जाती है, तो यह भव्य और शहर की बात हो जाती हैनवरात्रि की तरह। हैप्पी नवरात्रि
  • नवरात्रि खुशी फैलाने और खुश रहने का दिन है। सार्वजनिक रूप से नृत्य, हंसी और आनंद लेने में संकोच न करें।
  • एक अद्भुत व्यक्ति और एक व्यक्तित्व हो। यह नवरात्रि, प्रतिज्ञा लें कि आप कभी किसी को चोट नहीं पहुंचाएंगे औरभरोसा कभी मत तोड़ना। हैप्पी नवमी उत्सव
  • यह नवरात्रि, प्रार्थना करना और आभारी होना मत भूलना। वह आपको अपना बनाने के लिए आशीर्वाद देगाजीवन भरपूर। हैप्पी नवरात्रि
  • मैं कामना करता हूं कि यह नवरात्रि आपके जीवन के सभी अंधेरे को दूर करे और आपको एक नया रास्ता दिखाएसफलता की ओर ले जाता है।
  • आप माँ दुर्गा के आशीर्वाद से अपने लक्ष्य को पाने के लिए आगे बढ़ते हैं और नहींबाधा आपका रास्ता रोक देगी। हैप्पी नवरात्रि

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Navratri Captions For Girls  - Navratri Captions for Girls - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Navratri Captions For Girls

Hindi Navratri Poem Captions

Here are some poetic lines that do justice to the Powerful Goddess Durga and her nine beautiful avatars Nav Durga. This Navratri, say it with a beautiful poetry that will tough hearts. Here are some wonderful Navratri Poems.

  • Thodi bhakti Maa sabko de do
    sunein sada tera gun – gaan
    chalte-chalte thak naa jaayein
    bachchon ka bhi rakhna dhyaan..
  • Woh dekho mandir mein meri maa muskaraaye hai
    aao bhagton jholiyaan bhar lo
    maa khazaane lutaati jaaye hai..
  • Paavan jyoti maiya ji ki
    Nanhi kanjak maiya ji ki
    Sher savaari maiya ji ki
    Jai bolo sab maiya ji ki..
  • Kal-kal behti ganga ke paani mein
    kanjak ke charno mein maa rehti
    tulsi roop mein sab dukh har leti
    gau sewa se moksha fal deti..
  • har dhadkan ne tuje pukara hai,
    dur ho mujse koi gila nahi,
    fursat mile to yaad karna bhulna nahi.
  • maa naina devi apke naino ki rakasha karein,
    maa chintpurni apke sabhi chinta dur karein,
    maa kamna devi aapki sabhi manokamna puri karein..
  • resham ka haar,
    saawan ki mehek
    mein baarish ki fuhaar
    radha ke sang
    daandiya khelein nand-lal
    Mubaarak ho aapko
    Navratri ka Tyohaar..
  • Hain tere ehsaan hazaaron
    meri jholi hai har dam khaali Maa
    mere geeton mein ho teri hi dhun
    karo bas itna upkaar he Maa..
  • mangal-drishti rakhna har pal,
    jeevan path par chalte ho koi galti,
    to देना दान क्षमा ka tum..
  • nav shakti, nav aaradhana,
    Navratri ke paavan parv par
    poori ho aapki har manokamna..

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Hindi Navratri Poems  - Hindi Navratri Poems - 120+ NAVRATRI Captions for your Navratri Outfit Instagram Post 2022
Hindi Navratri Poems


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