Schedule Instagram Posts
Schedule Instagram Posts

The key to growth on Instagram is consistency. But with a busy schedule, it can often be difficult to find out time to consistently post on Instagram.

This is where scheduling comes in.

Scheduling your Instagram posts and ensuring regular updates can be very benefitting to boosting your reach. It will create regular engagement with your audience while saving you time.

In Scheduling Instagram Posts: The Only Guide You Need, you will learn how you can save time, increase the engagement on your posts, increase your followers, and schedule Instagram posts for free.

Why Schedule Instagram Posts?

First things first, time is everything. Time is key. You would rather spend a few hours one day per week to schedule your Instagram posts, instead of having to find time from your busy scheudle to think and worry about pictures, captions, edits, and hashtags every single time you want to post a picture in a week.

1. Save Yourself Some Time

Coming up with a perfect Instagram post every time you want to post something can be tiring, and time-consuming. It takes times to come up with captions that work with your picture, to make the necesaary edits you want your picture to have, and to think of hashtags that will help your post gain reach.

But, with scueduling your posts ahead of time, you can save yourself some trouble. Scheduling posts is a great way to increase your productivity and share content on Instagram. You can save a lot of time if you wouldn’t have to multitask every time you want to post, but you have other things to work on as well.

By spending a few hours one day every week and scheudling your posts for the dates you would wish to post your content on, you will be able to save a lot of time, while being consistent in posting and enaging your audience with your content.

2. Ensuring Consistency

To succeed in making an empire of your own on social media, consistency is one of the key players.

When you consistently post new content, your audience will engage with your content. It will create a higher reach for your content. People will get an idea as to what to expect from you when you post.

If you take long breaks between posting content, people will stop engaging with your posts. Hence, keeping a consistent schedule makes sure you have the maximum engagement of users with your posts.

Personally, when I want to follow an account, I check when their last two posts were. If it is recent, I assume they are fairly regular. Only then do I follow the account.

3. Uploading From Your Laptop

No denying that the whole world in now in our finger tips. But there is a reason why people still work on laptops. It is much easier to access many features that your smartphone can’t.

If you want to prepare and schedule all your content on a laptop, it will be much easier for you to organize them. An advantage to using your laptop is that you can have access to images and videos that might not be available on your phone.

Most Instagram scheduler tools enable you to create your posts on your desktop before publishing on mobile. These tools also let you check exactly how your Instagram profile gallery will look once you’ve published your scheduled posts.

4. Create Better Captions

A key feature in grabbing the attention of your audience is the caption. Your caption has to be interesting, funny and engaging. A good caption can be the make-or-break for your posts.

Writing Instagrams when you have a hundred other things going on in your mind can be a task. And sometimes you might not come up with the most creative captions, losing potential followers’ interests.

Rather than having to come up with a new caption every time you post, a better option is to write your captions in advance on your laptop.

When you are in your creative zone, you can spend some time working on interesting captions for your posts to follow.

How To Schedule Your Instagram Posts

1. Switch To A Professional Account

If your Instagram profile isn’t a business profile already, switching it will enable scheduling posts to schedule posts directly to your profile.

2. Finding The Right Tool To Schedule Your Post.

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to put links on your posts, you can for sure post pictures and videos. It doesn’t allow third-party apps to post on Instagram. And by doing this, you might be violating the terms and conditions of Instagram.

But here’s a list of safe scheduling tools you can use to automate posting your content on Instagram.

Different Scheduling Tools For You

1. Buffer

The first step to schedule posts on Buffer is to Sign Up. Enter all the details as required.

Sign U  - Sign Up - 5 Best APPS to Schedule Instagram Posts & Reels 2021
Sign U

After you have signed up, you’ll be asked to log in to your Instagram account (which is connected to a Facebook account, meaning, it has to be a business account) and then you’re all set to start scheduling your Instagram posts with Buffer.

Connect To Instagram  - Connect to Instagram - 5 Best APPS to Schedule Instagram Posts & Reels 2021
Connect To Instagram

Here’s a quick view of how your dashboard should look like.

Dashboard  - Dashboard - 5 Best APPS to Schedule Instagram Posts & Reels 2021

Find Buffer’s Help Center if there is anything you want to know better.

Once you’ve connected your Instagram account with Buffer, it’s time to create the content you want to post to Instagram.

The next step is to decide what image or video you would like to post. Once you have your image or video ready, you need to focus on the caption (which will grab the attention of your audience), hashtags (which will enable your post to be discovered by more people), and mentions, if any.

Now that you have your post ready, the final step is to get your post scheduled for the ideal time.

To do this, hop over to your Buffer dashboard and choose your Instagram account by selecting it on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Under the “Content” tab, you’ll see a section labeled “Queue”. Here you can upload a photo and write your caption (including any hashtags and @-mentions).

Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can decide whether you want to:

  • Add the post to your Buffer queue, or share the post immediately.
  • Schedule the post for a custom date and time (this is especially handy for big events or posts that need to be published on a certain date.
  • With a Buffer paid plan, you can change the sequence in which you would like your posts to be uploaded.

P.S If you have don’t have a business account, you can schedule reminders for your post instead. When it’s about time, Buffer will send you a notification.

Here’s a list of some other tools you can use.

2. Agorapulse

3. Autogrammar

4. Sprout Social

5. Later

Check out 4 Tools to Automate Your Instagram Scheduling to learn how to schedule posts using these 4 tools.


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