31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021


Snapchat has its reputation for fast growth and the unique features it brings across the table. Despite its success, one might often find it hard to navigate through these amazing features on Snapchat. It isn’t the most user-friendly app.

Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram keep introducing features ‘inspired’ by Snapchat. Some of them are destructive messaging and disappearing stories.

You can never fully know Snapchat. There are many lesser-known features and a whole bunch of cool things that you can do with Snapchat. It has tons of hidden features.

In this article, we’re going to take your Snap game to the next level. We will uncover a few more tricks that are available only after manipulating the settings on your device. We will tell you how to use them. Here’s a list of 31 Snapchat tricks, hacks, and features you should know about.

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Snapchat Introduction and Basic Features

Snapchat has never been easy, but once you figure it out, it becomes a tad bit easier. All you need is a little bit of getting used to. When you open Snapchat, it straight up opens up your camera. When you swipe left, it opens your Chats with your friends. If you swipe left one more time, it will open the Snap Map where you can see the location of your friends who Snapchat and have their location turned out.

When you swipe right, you can view your Friends Stories. Along with that, there are other Stories from Celebs you can view. If you swipe right once more, you will find Discover. On this page, you can see your subscriptions, and content by other users. If you swipe up, it opens up your Memories. You can find all the pictures that you take on Snapchat here, and if you swipe down, you will see a variety of things. You will be able to see the Snaps with your Best Friends. You can find Games and Minis, where you can play games with your friends. You can find Popular Snap Stars and can subscribe to them. You can find Trending Lenses here. You can find Popular Shows and Top Publishers here too.

Snapchat Hacks and Tricks 2020

1. Recognize Songs With Shazam

If there’s a song playing, and you don’t know what song it is, you can rely on Snapchat to find the name of the song for you. All you need to do is launch the app and press and hold on the camera screen until the app recognizes the song.

2. Solve Maths Problems With Snapchat

If you need help with maths, Snapchat has got your back. All you need to do is launch the app, position your camera towards the maths problem. Press and hold on the camera screen until the app recognized the maths problem and offers a solution.

3. Share Snapchat Stories Outside Snapchat

Now Snapchat lets you share Snapchat Stories from public accounts to other social media platforms. All you need to do is long-press on the story you want to forward. You will find “Send Snap To” at the bottom of the options that pop up. Click on that. It will give you options to share. Choose whichever one suits you best and share.

4. Disable Snap Map

After Snapchat introduced Snap Map, many people have been freaking out over their privacy. You wouldn’t want people creeping up on you without you knowing. Some things belong to you.

But, don’t worry about it. You can hide your location. To do that, launch the app, and go to Snap Map, tap on the gear icon at the topmost right-hand corner and enable the Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode will ensure that none of your friends can see your location.

Ghost Mode  - Ghost mode - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Ghost Mode

5. Find Officials on Snapchat Easily

There is a hack for everything. If you don’t want to search for celebrities by their username (which is the best way to find them), you can search ‘Official’ on the search bar. You will be able to see a list of official accounts on Snapchat. They are mostly the accounts with the name ‘official’ in their username or their nickname.

You can also find stores on Snapchat that are official through this. You can also find Official Publishers, Shows, Editions, Episodes, Lenses and hashtags with this search.

6. Download your Snapchat History

The internet never loses anything. If you have been using Snap for quite some time now, you can always find out your Snapchat history. You can see what you searched when you first started using Snapchat (and it might end up making you laugh!). To download your Snapchat history, you need to ask Snapchat to share the data with you.

Visit accounts.snapchat.com page and log in with your username and password. Here, click on the “MY DATA” button and then click on “Submit Request” button. Remember that you need to have a verified email id linked to your account as Snapchat will send you a link to downland the data on your official email id.

My Data Download  - My data download - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
My Data Download

7. Using Audience Analytics

If you are an influencer using Snapchat to widen your reach, you can get insights on your audience with Audience Analytics. For this, you would need a business account. You will be able to see Story Views and View Time brown down by week, month, and year.

To access this, tap on your bitmoji in the upper-left corner of the camera screen. There you will find Insights. Tap on that. You can view two different analyses here. The first is your Story View analysis, which shows you how many times your stories were viewed from the start of the year till today’s date. The second is your View Time analysis, which shows you the number of times users have spent viewing your stories. You can also see what percentage of your viewers are male and female and what age group do they belong to.

8. You can edit your Bitmoji whenever you want

Snapchat is also famous for its Bitmojis. It lets you create a replica of yourself before you begin snapchatting. You might not know this, but you can edit and change your bitmoji whenever you want. Snapchat added a ton of new skin tones, hairstyles, hair colors, facial features, accessories, and more to the Bitmoji app. You can edit your Bitmoji to keep up with the changing trends.

To do that, tap on your bitmoji icon present on the camera screen of your app and then tap on your bitmoji icon agian. Now, tap on the Edit Bitmjoi option on the next two screens and Snapchat will open the Bitmoji app where you can find all the new updates.

9. Control When Chats Should Be Deleted

Yet another classic Snapchat filter is its disappearing messages. Once opened, it disappears if you try opening it the next time. While it is great, sometimes you might miss out on important messages in a hurry. However, now, Instagram gives you the option to control the automatic deletion of your chat.

To do this, long-press the chat you want to change the message deletion for. Many options will pop up. Choose More. Under More, you can change when you want to Delete Chats…

10. Clear your Snapchat History

If you ever want to clear your history from Snapchat, all you have to do is tap on your profile ->  Settings -> Privacy. Now, clear all the Snapchat history at one go or remove the specific history like browse cache, memories cache, stories cache, and more.

Clear History  - Clear History - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Clear History

11. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Nowadays it has become very important to keep your data safe. There is a whole world of hackers out there, and you want to protect your data. To protect your data, many social media platforms offer Two-Factor Authentication. To get it done on Snapchat, go to Snapchat settings -> Two-Factor Authentication -> Continue. Now, follow the instructions to enable the 2FA for your Snapchat chat account.

2fa  - 2FA - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

12. Control Where Your Memories are Saved

If you wish to control where your memories are saved, tap on profile -> settings -> Memories -> Save Button. Now, choose the preferred option as per your needs.

Memories  - Memories - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

13. Control Who Can View Your Story

You can customize the settings to choose who you want to show your stories to. Snapchat usually shows your stories to your friends, but you can change the settings and make it visible to everyone. You can also hide your stories from certain people, or show your stories to certain people.

To change your privacy settings on your stories, go to Snapchat settings, then View My Story. Now, choose the desired option. 

14. Manage Story Notifications

Now you can keep track of when your friends or your subscriptions pst a new story. You can turn on their individual story notifications. Now, you won’t have to miss out on their stories anymore.

To turn on their Story notifications, you head into Snapchat Settings -> Notifications -> Manage Story Notifications. Now, search for your friend and hit Done to confirm.

While you are there, you can also change notifications for Mentions, Memories, Birthdays, and Notifications of Snaps from your friends.

Notifications  - Notifications - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

15. Make videos fast-forward, slow motion, or rewind.

You can now make changes to your videos. You can make it go slower, make it go faster, or play it in reverse. To access these, record a video and then swipe sideways to find them.

Snail icon = slow motion

Slowmo  - Slowmo - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

Rabbit = fast-forward

Fast Forward  - Fast forward - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Fast Forward

Backward-facing arrows = rewind

Rewind  - Rewind - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

16. Change Text Sizes

Snapchat has some cool fonts to play around with on your pictures/videos. But did you know you can now resize your texts?

It is really simple. Add a text to your pictures/videos by tapping on the “T” icon at the top of your screen. Choose whichever font suits you best. Now, use two fingers to pinch-and-zoom to resize your texts.

17. Turn the sound off in your videos

You can eliminate background noise on your videos by muting the sound on them. If there’s an unnecessary noise in your video which you wouldn’t want to add and send to your friends, you can remove it if you want.

To turn sound off on your video – first, record your video. Then, tap the microphone icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen once so that the sound waves are replaced with an X.


snapchat-sound-on.jpg  - snapchat sound on - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021


snapchat-sound-off.jpg  - snapchat sound off - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

18. Add a video of up to 1 minute now

There used to be a 10-second time limit to the snap videos you could send. The transition for those would end up being weird if you wanted to add videos that lasted longer than 10 seconds.

With Snapchat’s new update, you can add a video of up to 60 seconds now. It will be broken down into 10 different snaps.

All you have to do is to hold onto the record button until you are done with your video or until it is 60 seconds. When you send the video, the transition will be smoother.

Snapchat also lets you edit each individual 10-second video or delete any parts that you don’t want to share.

19. Add a link to your story

Snapchat lets you add a link to your story. If you want people to follow a link, for promotion purposes or otherwise, you can attach a link to your Snap. It will let the receivers/ viewers swipe up.

To add a link to your story, just take a picture or video, tap the paperclip on the sidebar, and enter your URL.

20. Switch up the ‘info’ filters

Are you tired of seeing information filters that you don’t understand? Or simply do not use those units in your area? Don’t worry about it.

All the filters with information in them (Speed, temperature, time, and altitude) have variations to match with units that you can relate to.
Miles per hour becomes Kilometers per hour, Fahrenheit becomes celsius, Feet becomes Meters, and the time becomes the date.

Simply tap the info filter of your choice to access the other options.

21. Pin an emoji on a moving target

Snapchat lets you pin an emoji on a moving target.

Wondering how to do it? Record a video that focuses on a moving object. Add an emoji to the video. Adjust the size of the emoji before pinning it.

To pin it to the video, tap and hold the emoji to drag it over the moving target. While you are doing this, your video will be frozen to make it easier for you to pin the emoji. Hold the emoji over the object for a moment. Snapchat will reload the video, and the emoji should follow along.

22. Access a wider range of color options

For every color in the rainbow, drag your finger down the color slider to expand it and choose whatever color you like.

Colours  - Colours - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

23. Draw with emoji

Now you can draw with emojis. You can amp up your pictures with these emoji drawings.

To draw with an emoji, take a snap. Tap the pencil to draw. You will find an emoji at the end of the list. Tap it, and you will have 8 emoji options. Choose the emoji that you want to use and start drawing.

Drawing Emojis  - Drawing emojis - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Drawing Emojis

24. Share and edit photos from Gallery

You can now send pictures that are on your phone to Snapchat. You can add it to your story or send it to your friends.

Open a chat with any of your friends/users. Select the image icon and choose the photo you want to work with. Add text, doodles, and filters as you would a regular Snap and send it to your friends.

You can also share videos stored on your phone, but you aren’t able to edit the clips within Snapchat.

25. Switch front and rear camera while recording

Here’s an easy peasy trick to make recording videos better and easier. When filming a video simply double-tap the screen to switch from selfie mode to point of view.

26. Use the volume buttons to take a photo

Here’s another trick to make taking pictures on Snapchat easier. All you have to do is press your volume buttons (whichever button works for your phone’s default camera) and let it take a picture for you.

27. Zoom in and out with only one finger

Have you ever tried to zoom in or out while taking a video and failed? It must have ended up being an awkward snap. Don’t worry, we’ve got a hack up our sleeves for you.

When recording, slide your finger up the screen to zoom in and slide your finger down to zoom out.

28. Distort Audio with Voice Filter

You can now make the audio in a video on Snap sound funky. There are * options to choose from.

All you have to do is record a video. On the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you can hold onto the speaker button until it opens up the options for voice filters. Choose any voice filter you like.

Voices  - Voices - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

29. Send limitless Snaps

When you set the timer of your snap to limitless, the photo snaps will remain on-screen until the person you sent the snap to taps it away. You can also loop your videos for it to play again and again until tapped away.

For a photo, tap the clock icon to select the amount of time your snap will be visible. Scroll down to the infinity symbol and tap to select it.

Limitless  - Limitless - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021

For a video, under the paperclip icon, there’s a circular arrow icon. Tap onto 1, and the infinity symbol will show up to make the video loop continuously.

30. Your Snapchat profile’s link

And then you can easily post and promote it across other social networks. Here’s the format: www.snapchat.com/add/YOURUSERNAME

31. Make Snapcodes for any website

Aren’t Snapcodes really cool? They work like barcodes. And you can create them for any web page you want.

All you have to do is visit http://scan.snapchat.com Log in. Plug a link into the field marked Enter a URL. Click Make a Snapcode. If you want, you can choose to add an image to your code. Once it’s to your liking, click DOWNLOAD YOUR SNAPCODE to get the image file.

Image  - image 141 - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Make a Snapcode

To scan a Snapcode, open Snapchat. Tap and hold your camera screen over the Snapcode. …

Scan Snapcode  - Scan Snapcode - 31 Best SNAPCHAT HACKS, Features & Tricks 2021
Scan Snapcode


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