11 Tips On How To Impress Your Partner’s Parents
11 Tips On How To Impress Your Partner’s Parents

You and your partner have been dating, and now it is time for you to be introduced to their parents. Your partner is a wonderful person, and you wish to charm their parents so they can approve of your relationship with your partner. If you feel like you are ready to take this step and your partner has asked you “Would you like to meet my parents,” say “Yes!” We have you covered. From how you should dress when you meet your partner’s parents to how to continue the relationship between you and your partner’s parents, we have just the right tips for you to ace your partner game in front of the parents.

If you are seeking approval from your partner’s parents, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of 11 tips on how you can impress your partner’s parents easily! Use this as your guide on how to navigate through the important meet-greet between you and your partner’s parents.

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#Tip 1: Dress Fancy

Now is the time to take the saying “The first impression is the last impression” seriously. Dress to impress. How you dress will leave a lasting image of you in front of your partner’s parents. Dressing to impress will also display the amount of respect you have towards the parents.

While the parents want to believe that their kid is dating somebody who is respectful towards elders, they must also witness it with their own eyes by looking at how you dress. To show respect, present yourself nicely.  Put in the extra time to get ready.

#Tip 2: Take A Gift Along

It’s your first time at their place. You don’t want to go empty-handed. Parents want to feel respected for their position. So take some time out from your schedule, and go gift shopping with your partner, and get the parents something that they might like.

If you are stuck with what to get for the parents, think about what impression you want to make. This is where you can start. For example, if you know that your partner’s father has a particular taste in liquor, bring a bottle that is worth his standards.

But remember! You don’t have to get an overly priced gift. Don’t settle for a cheap one either. Get something comfortable with your budget, something practical but also memorable.

#Tip 3: Greet Them With Compliments

The first time that you meet the parents, greet them with compliments. Be respectful. There is nothing more that parents love. A bit of charm goes a long way. Offer them compliments and say something nice. For example, you can compliment how their house is by saying “What a lovely house.” But remember not to overdo this if you don’t want to sound insincere. You don’t want them to think you are faking praise and trying to butter them up unnecessarily.

Once you’ve exchanged the pleasantries, follow their cues and let them start the talking. Avoid being overfriendly or too restrained. Sit back, and learn more about your ‘to-be’ through them. Once you have warmed up sufficiently, start sharing stuff about yourself.

#Tip 4: Mind Your Manners

Being in your best manners can surely get you plus points from her parents. Be polite at all times and be mindful of proper table manners.

Make eye contact, sit properly, and don’t forget to smile. Furthermore, keep an open and neutral body language: don’t cross your arms or act restless – these will make you look bored and nervous. Also, when talking to her parents, keep an open stance, turn your body towards them instead of away from them.

Most importantly, refrain from PDA. Sit next to your partner, but avoid holding hands. Don’t even think about cuddling. Sure, their parents aren’t stupid but don’t flash it in their faces. Be graceful with how you handle the situation in front of the parents. It might seem disrespectful and not cute.

#Tip 5: Offer To Help

Try to be helpful by offering to help them prepare for the occasion. If you are having dinner with the parents, offer to help set up the table, or bring in the food. And after dinner, you can offer to clean up after everybody has finished eating. Ask if you can help in any way. This will show that you are trying to put an effort towards building a relationship with them. They might decline out of politeness, but knowing that you offered will make them appreciate you more.

#Tip 6: Stay Humble

You have to practice being humble. Be confident but not overconfident because it can make you seem superior. Nobody likes to feel inferior to others, especially not the parents. Just try and be humble and never make them feel that you think you’re better than them.

Families can get fiercely protective. Even if you’re truly madly deeply in love, they’ll feel like they’ve got years on you. So relax, and go with the flow. Don’t be a know-it-all. So, You know everything from the color of your partner’s favorite shirt to how they love mixing sauces with anything that they eat. Good for you. But don’t go on blabbering about it in front of their parents. Understand that they know your partner better than you. 

#Tip 7: Stay Off Technology

Resist the urge of checking your cell phone in front of them while having a conversation. As simple as that. Looking at your phone during a social event is considered rude.

#Tip 8: Show Your Love For Your Partner

While PDA is off-limits, do not shy away from telling your partner’s parents how much you love your partner. It’s good to show that you care about your partner in front of their parents. It will make your partner feel special and important. It will also make the parents feel like their kid is with the right person who will keep them happy. Do simple gestures like pulling out the chair for your partner and listening attentively when they talk, etc. Give them extra attention and consideration and just treat them well.

#Tip 9: Make Them Feel Important

Ask their opinion on some matters or you can even seek their advice on how to deal with something. This way, you’ll make them feel important and show them how you value their experience and insight.

The aim of this meeting is to win the parents over. Treat it like a job interview. Do your homework. If you can, find out more about them in advance. Get a sense of the family’s culture. Doing this work will make the parents feel like you put extra effort into knowing them better. It will make them feel very important.

#Tip 10: Be Yourself

More than anything else, be your true self! Don’t fake a personality just to win the heart of her parents. You don’t have to try hard; you just have to be yourself. Show them that you’re a positive person and you’re fun to be with. It’s good if you also share stories on the recent adventures you had with your partner and how they made you stronger as a person.

If you have plans in the future or if you are particularly good at something, share it with her parents. Don’t brag about it. Talk about the aspects of yourself and your life especially about your personal goals.

#Tip 11: Spend Time With Them

Last, but not least, spend as much time as you can with them. Engage in conversations and show interest in the things they love. If you come across as the type of partner who values elders and likes to spend time with them too, this will earn you a position in their good books. Surprise them with visits if you can.

And if you don’t hit it off with them at the outset, don’t beat yourself black and blue about it. Give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps, like you, they too were shy and needed time to open up. Remember, there’s always a second chance.


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