Moving to a new place or buying yourself a new house is something that everyone has on their wish list. Whether it is about following your dreams and living on your own terms in another City, or starting a family with that someone special, the happiness of moving into a new home is priceless. So, it is quite natural to take many pictures when you move in. These pictures need on-point captions.

That is why, to help you post the best pictures of your new house on Instagram, we have sorted out our favorite captions from the internet based on preferred categories. These include funny and witty captions along with captions for an apartment in a new city. You can go through the list to find your perfect happy home caption. Read on to discover the best.

Happy Home Captions  - Happy Home Captions - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Happy Home Captions

2023 New Home Instagram Captions for Your Flat/Apartment by ChatGPT

  1. “Welcome to my humble abode. 🏠 #ApartmentLife”
  2. “It’s more than just an apartment, it’s home! 🌟 #FlatGoals”
  3. “New address, who dis? 📬 #HomeSweetHome”
  4. “Sanctuary found! 🕊️ #Home”
  5. “My little piece of the universe. 🌎 #Home2023”
  6. “Room with a view. 🖼️ #NewApartment”
  7. “Building dreams, one room at a time. 💪 #Homeowner”
  8. “Home is where the wifi connects automatically. 📶 #ModernHome”
  9. “Turned my can’ts into cans and my dreams into plans. 🏙️ #NewFlat”
  10. “Excuse the mess, but this is my happiness. 🏢 #LoveMySpace”
  11. “Broke the lease and bought the place! 🗝️ #HomeOwnership”
  12. “My own pad! 🐾 #FirstHome”
  13. “Home is where the heart is. 💖 #MySpace”
  14. “Home. Sweet. Home. 🍬 #NewDigs”
  15. “Just a cozy little corner of the world. 🌍 #Home2023”
  16. “Sweat equity is the best equity. 💦 #HomeReno”
  17. “My fortress of solitude. 🏰 #HomeSweetHome”
  18. “If you need me, send a housewarming gift. 🎁 #NewHome”
  19. “Happiness is homemade. 🏠 #MyOwnSpace”
  20. “Found my forever skyline. 🌇 #HomeGoals”
  21. “Windows to my world. 🪟 #HomeViews”
  22. “Fell for the floor plan. 📐 #ArchitectureLove”
  23. “Sky’s the limit in my high-rise. 🌃 #SkyHighLiving”
  24. “Keys open doors, but homes open hearts. ❤️ #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs”
  25. “A cozy corner in the concrete jungle. 🌳 #UrbanHome”
  26. “Smells like a fresh start. 🕯️ #NewHomeNewBeginnings”
  27. “If these walls could talk… 🎭 #HistoricHome”
  28. “Living in 3D: Dream. Design. Dwell. 🏠 #DreamHome”
  29. “Unlocking the next chapter. 🗝️ #MyFirstHome”
  30. “Views from the 6th… floor! 🏙️ #ApartmentLife”
  31. “The heart of the city is my backyard. 🌆 #CityLiving”
  32. “My new ‘staycation’ destination. 🏖️ #HomeSweetHome”
  33. “My newest canvas. 🖼️ #HomeDesign”
  34. “Living in the clouds. ☁️ #HighRiseLife”
  35. “Making big moves in small spaces. 💃 #ApartmentLiving”
  36. “They say love grows best in little houses… ❤️ #SmallSpaceBigHeart”
  37. “Making memories in our first apartment. 📸 #HomeSweetHome”
  38. “A home with a view is nothing without you. 👀 #Home”
  39. “Loving my nest. 🐣 #NewHome”
  40. “Our happy place. 😊 #HomeSweetHome”
  41. “Wake up with determination. Sleep with satisfaction. 😴 #NewApartment”
  42. “Sweet dreams are made of this. 🛏️ #Home”
  43. “Best housewarming party ever, coming soon! 🎉 #PartyAtMyPlace”
  44. “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. 💭 #Home”
  45. “There’s no place like home. 🏡 #NewHome”
  46. “Find me where the WiFi is strong. 💻 #ModernLiving”
  47. “Good vibes only. 🎵 #HomeSweetHome”
  48. “Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home. ❤️ #NewHome”
  49. “This is it! The start of something beautiful. 💫 #HomeSweetHome”
  50. “A home full of dreams and love. 😇 #Blessed”

New Home Captions for Instagram

  • My new place of peace…☮️
  • The new pile of bricks 🔑 🏠 
  • When you turned the key to your new house, you turned the page to a new chapter in life.💒
  • Receiving the keys to your new home proves you can do anything you put your mind to…🔑🏡🥰
  • Found my slice of heaven…🏡 🌴🌊
  • Home sweet Home! 💒🌸💕
  • Cheers to New Beginnings…🥂🏡✨
  • I AM OFFICIALLY A HOMEOWNER!! I give God all the glory….#blessed 🔑💒
  • I don’t think I ever want to leave…#MyNewHome🏡
  • Cozy at my nest…🏠🥰
  • Loving the vibes of my beautiful home…🏡😌🍂👌
  • Hello new home…🔑💒🧿
  • I can’t keep calm ,i’m a new homeowner…😍🔥🏠
  • My new Apartment to call home! ❤️☮️🧿
  • It feels so good to be home 🏡 
  • When you get your own place you get to create your own space….💒☮️💕
  • A li’l piece on 🌍 but maybe the beginning of a big dreamy life 🍃🏡💭
  • Welcome to our new not so Empty Nest!💕☮️
  • Honey, we are finally home🏡🥺❤️
  • Let the new chapter begin…💒🧿
  • We did a thing! We are officially homeowners!!! 🏡 🔑 
  • And finally we’re in! 🔑🥂
  • New home,new adventure ,new memories…😌🌠
  • As soon as I walked in, I felt such good energy and full of Positive vibes…🏡✨😍
  • Couldn‘t be happier 📦🏡🔑 
  • When home is a person, that’s love…💒❤️ 
  • Our new beginning…🌼 🏠🌴
  • Welcome 2023.                                 New year, new home and new beginnings….🔑🥂💕
  • We are officially homeowners!🔑       On cloud 9 at the moment. We are so so happy🏠
  • “PARTY AT MY PLACE”. Let the Adventure begin.🏡🥂😊
  • One of the best things that has happened,Yes My HOME….❤️
  • Home is not where you were born, Home is something that never let you go!💒🔑🔥
  • Ek mahal (read: 2BHK) ho sapno ka!!!❤🧿🏠
  • And no more rented apartments from today,It’s our own home,our own space…🏡💕
  • A new home is more than home,it’s a blissful feeling!💒🔥🧿
  • Having a place to go is HOME;Having someone to love and care for is FAMILY Having both is a blessing…🏡🧿🥰
  • Home is the starting place of love,hope and dreams.This is the place where laughter never ends…💒😍🌠
  • Happy New Home full of love and laughter!🏡🔑🥰
  • Entering into our OWN little nest…🏠🥰
  • My home,my happy place! 😇🌿🌸⛺
  • Nothing is as welcoming as a new home….💒🤗👣
  • Happy people ,cozy place! 🔥
  • Feeling cozy in my baby cave…🏡😍🍃
  • My li’l heaven…🏡🌴🌼
  • Change can sometimes be uncomfortable but it’s necessary…#mynewnest 🥰🔥
  • A place I stay,A place I stand,A place my ❤️ is resting on….#homesweethome
  • Home is not a place ,it’s a blessing…🏡🧿
  • Done moving, time to relax…🏡☺️ 
  • I accept gifts and congratulations…#newhomelove 💕😁
  • Vibing with my new nest…🏠🥰✨ 

Quotes and Captions for Moving to a New Place

Moving to a New Place is something that requires a lot of effort and hard work while you move in. But once you settle in, the feeling of having your own place where you can live however you want is amazing. Thereby, the pictures taken when the paint has just dried need captions that stand out. Here are some:

  • Chapter One: A New Home
  • That’s one small step for me. One giant leap for adulting.
  • This is the beginning of anything you want.
  • Welcome-ish.
  • New home. Who dis?
  • I decided to start living the life I’d always imagined.
  • I’ve got a new lease on life.
  • And this is our place, we make the rules.
  • Hey, home! Nice to meet you.
  • So here I am in my new apartment. In a big city, they just dropped me off.
  • Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion!
  • New home. New adventures. New memories.
  • In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.
  • To all that come to this happy place, welcome.
  • Can’t wait to say, ‘Party at my place.

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Quotes And Captions For Moving To A New Place  - Quotes and Captions for Moving to a New Place - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Quotes And Captions For Moving To A New Place

Business Account Captions for Apartment Marketing

Apartments are modern homes that deliver not just luxury but also comfort. So, if you have a real estate business then I’m sure you must’ve made an Instagram account to get more property buyers. But if you don’t have short and sleek marketing captions, then there’s no point in posting online ads. Try out these great sales captions for Apartment Marketing.

  • Apartments Tailored to Your Highest Standards.
  • Commuter’s Dream.
  • Don’t Fuss with The Bus.
  • Where Excellence and Convenience Meet.
  • Luxury is Built-In. Not Tacked On.
  • You Can Afford To Dwell Well.
  • Sophisticated Style.
  • Right Around the Corner, Near Everywhere You Want to Be.
  • Landmark Living on The Avenue.
  • Modern Amenities. Urban Location.
  • Proper Design. Smartly Priced. Ready for Move-In!
  • Luxury, Location, and Convenience.
  • A Higher Quality of Living.
  • Where Convenience Meets Luxury.
  • Remarkable Value. Unbeatable Location.
  • Where Luxury and Convenience Converge.
  • Luxury All Around.

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Business Account Captions For Apartment Marketi  - Business Account Captions for Apartment Marketing - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Business Account Captions For Apartment Marketing

Happy Home Captions 

There is no place like home. You can do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be without the fear of any judgments. Did you know that only 60% of the world’s population has their own house? If you are one among them then consider yourself very lucky. So, a post of picture of your happy home with your happy family on Instagram with these magnificent captions.

  • One place, soo many people, live together. called HOME.
  • A house is made of walls and beams. A home is made of love and dreams.
  • My very own home sweet home.
  • It’s so good to be home.
  • Home is where the pants aren’t.
  • There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.
  • Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.
  • Home is my happy place.
  • Home is where roots grow deep.
  • The size of your home doesn’t matter, the happiness in your home matters.
  • Hey, home! Nice to meet you.
  • Positive vibes always come from a perfect home.
  • Find Your Freedom, Without Leaving Home.
  • Sail Into Your New Home.
  • How home should feel.

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Happy Home Captions  - Happy Home Captions  - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Happy Home Captions

Captions for Apartment in a New City

Moving to a new city apartment is the first step of adulting when you get a stable job. There’s no feeling greater than the satisfaction of living in a place where you feel at home. If you are living alone in a new city then social media is your only companion. So, why not take some great pictures and post them to show this achievement. Here are captions that will go perfectly along with that.

  • Tranquility inside. City adventures outside. Discover both at {Apartment Name].
  • Living in the heart of the city is good for your heart.
  • Feel the pulse of the city just outside your front door.
  • City. Beach. Eat. Shop. Repeat. Discover how fun life can be at [Apartment Name].
  • Feel the pulse of the city just outside your front door.
  • Where stunning city views equal the stellar style inside.
  • Where the City Is Your Backyard.
  • Modern Living in the Heart of the City.
  • City Outside. Tranquility Inside.
  • Where stunning city views equal the stellar style inside.

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Captions For Apartment In A New City  - Captions for Apartment in a New City - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Captions For Apartment In A New City

Funny and Witty Phrases for Moving to a New Home

When you are moving in  to a new home, during the arrangement of furnitures many funny incidents happen.  You can capture these funny incidences and post on Instagram as a memory  of a new happy home.  For this you need funny and witty phrases. The following list has some of the funniest Instagram captions  for a new house. 

  • Always keeping it cozy.
  • In pursuit of leisure.
  • Point me in the direction of the nearest IKEA, please.
  • There’s no doorbell, so just yell, ‘ding dong’ really loud.
  • The joy of doing your best.
  • This place stole a pizza my heart.
  • Successful people always see things working out.
  • New with a View.
  • Welcome to the oasis.
  • Done unpacking. Now, what the fork is for dinner?
  • We have strategy for doing things right.
  • From now on, I’ll connect the dots my own way.
  • Opening doors to the future.
  • Welcome to my babe cave.

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Funny And Witty Phrases For Moving To A New Home  - Funny and Witty Phrases for Moving to a New Home - [98+] New Home Instagram Captions for Flat/ Apartment in 2024
Funny And Witty Phrases For Moving To A New Home